Why Organic Skincare is Better: 5 Products to Free Your Skin

 When is the last the time you examined the list of ingredients on the back of your skincare products? If you do not recall, you may inadvertently be putting your health in danger.

A majority of both men and women do not look at the ingredients of a product before buying it because they are assured by the loud and persuasive packaging on the front.

This is especially dangerous when people do not consider using organic products. While the words “organic,” “natural,” and “vegan” on packaging do not automatically mean a product is safe, steering clear of synthetic products and potential carcinogens in our everyday skincare is a great starting point when switching to natural products.

There are many reasons why organic skincare is better, but before diving into the cosmetics aisle, be aware of some key facts.


What Am I Putting on My Face?

Both the FDA and USDA have separate guides for what companies can and cannot advertise as “organic” on cosmetics. When shopping for moisturizers, shaving creams, cleansers, toners, or anything else that you may incorporate into your routine, look for the green USDA Certified Organic seal.


Products bearing this label are not subject to genetic modification and other “excluded methods” in their production, do not contain any banned ingredients and have their production overseen by a USDA agent.

However, keep in mind that cosmetics do not need to be FDA approved before they go on the market. This means you must be hyperaware of what is in your shopping cart.


Despite the USDA and FDA’s dedication to providing safe and quality products to the public, consumers must be doubly careful, even when considering organic products. Even natural ingredients can be harmful to the human body. After all, there are many plants and allergens that are “natural,” but still poisonous to humans.


At a loss on where to begin? We’ve done the laborious research for you and compiled five organic products that steer clear of potentially harmful ingredients, including parabens, harmful mineral oils, and sulfates.

Our skin is the largest and one of the most sensitive organs we have—we can never be too careful with it!


Why Organic Skincare is Better: 5 Products

1. Avalon Organics Intense Defense Oil-Free Moisturizer (with Vitamin C)

[amazon_link asins=’B003CYKDDA’ template=’photo-only’ store=’purelifegal-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c6e4ea16-74ba-11e8-894e-d96a4969d3e7′]

One of the many reasons people overlook organic skincare is its price point. Look no further than Avalon’s Organics Intense Defense for luxury care without luxurious spending. This product is suitable for all skin types, but particularly helpful for those prone to acne or inflammation because of its soothing Vitamin C.

On top of being organic, this product is cruelty-free, made with vegan ingredients, and NSF certified, issued by the particularly strict National Sanitation Foundation, which regularly monitors the quality of products under its certification.

At a frugal $11 dollar price point, reviewers often express regret over ever investing in more expensive organic skincare!

2. Herbal Choice Mari Organic Day Cream

[amazon_link asins=’B01EYW2Y2Q’ template=’photo-only’ store=’purelifegal-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8846b3a7-787d-11e8-a260-75ec2aa927ef’]

Have particularly thirsty skin? Herbal Choice Mari Organic Day Cream may be your solution. Many non-organic products that claim to moisturize skin are chock full of harmful mineral oils, parabens, cetyl alcohol, and other cheap ingredients that are also found in detergents and even petroleum.

This product instead opts for USDA certified ingredients like calendula flowers and grape seed oil. For an extra measure of security, this product also earned the rare and highest “1” rating from the EWG, an organization which rates the safety of all cosmetics on the market based on toxicity to consumers.

3. Bronners Shaving Gel

[amazon_link asins=’B0013NXBRM’ template=’photo-only’ store=’purelifegal-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a1aacb28-787d-11e8-b37a-cf20ecbcd11f’]

Guys—skincare should not be limited to women! Even if you have not gotten around to a full routine yet, you dabbled in it without realizing the second you picked up shaving cream.

Shaving can cause irritation and even exacerbate facial acne in men. Synthetic, cheap drugstore creams worsen the problem with harmful foaming agents like the common SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate).

While studies vary, it has been linked to not only skin irritation but cancer, endocrine disruption (the disruption of your hormones!) and even neurotoxicity.

Avoid the risk altogether with a more gentle shaving gel that skips foaming agents entirely with Dr. Bronners Shaving Gel in any of its varying scents, like soothing lavender. Chock full of hydrating oils, this gel will leave you clean-shaven and smooth-as-a-baby-faced.

4. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Facial Toner

[amazon_link asins=’B00U11UBUM’ template=’photo-only’ store=’purelifegal-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b049032b-787d-11e8-b370-a9eaa54b8c22′]

Have particular sensitivities to gluten or soy? Christina Moss Naturals’ facial toner. Perfect for any gender, this toner promises a gluten, soy, paraben-free experience that rejects traditional synthetic ingredients that other, harsher toners use.

Prep your skin without worrying about petrochemicals, synthetic binders, chemicals, or other substances that strip your skin of natural oils and even damage it further.

Can’t get enough? This toner is part of a three-part line of toner, facial cream and face wash. A 4.5 rating on Amazon is testament to customers’ great experience with the toner.

5. Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer

[amazon_link asins=’B003IRXZTK’ template=’photo-only’ store=’purelifegal-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bf8e01b7-787d-11e8-a905-c37d5f0edbaa’]

You better not forget the sunscreen! Add this two-in-one sunscreen and primer to your routine for a hardy SPF 30 layer of protection without the grease and synthetic ingredients.

While this product is the only one on our list that isn’t 100% organic, it has still earned a rating of “1” from the EWG, meaning the toxicity levels to humans and the environment is extremely low.

Plus, it’s chock full of nourishing and organic ingredients, like pomegranate, jojoba oil (great for acne), aloe vera, sunflower oil, green tea, and cucumber.

Remember—without sunscreen, much of your skincare routine is rendered useless. Harsh UVA and UVB rays will pierce any amount of moisturizer or toner you use!

Final Thoughts


We get it—nailing down a proper skincare routine is already difficult. When you start considering the effects of potentially dangerous synthetic ingredients, it may get overwhelming. But by going organic, you are taking an important first step towards happier, healthier skin.

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