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The Best Purses for Traveling Abroad (5 Bag Choices to Travel in Stylish, Safety)

Have dreams of leaving behind the hum drum of the boring work, come home, wait-for-the-weekend cycle behind? Tired of visiting the same spots over and over, with nothing novel and exciting to break up the monotony? It may be time to blow the dust off your passport!

Considering you have one, that is. It turns out a startlingly low amount of Americans have passports compared to people in the United Kingdom, who have a whopping 75% of citizens with passports on average.

These statistics are slightly harrowing when you consider the multitude of positive effects traveling has on one’s mental health.

So if your traveling boots are a little rusty, you should take the time prepare so any destination vacations go off without a hitch, including researching the best purses for traveling abroad!

You may overlook the importance of a purse, so we cannot overstate how essential your bag is. Depending on how far your destination is, how long you will be there, and what activities you are planning, your bag can range from Mary Poppins-level-roomy to small, compact and discreet.

The Benefits of Travel

If you are on the fence about traveling abroad, your worries are valid. First of all, the United States is not very lax on work vacations compared to the rest of the world.

While other countries, like New Zealand and the United Kingdom, encourage taking gap years and extended trips, the USA is known for its often unhealthy concentration on work.

In fact, the United States is the only “first-world” country that does not require paid vacation time from all employers. Even when given vacation time, Americans often let them go to waste!

Our culture of working hard and staying at home, where we have a lot of natural beauty and variety, keeps many of us from even thinking of going abroad.

A lack of international travel also narrows one’s worldview. Many Americans are ignorant of travel and other country’s culture, instead choosing to believe that other cultures have worse health systems, food, and tourism simply because they do not have enough information or a lack of interest in finding out more.

Traveling abroad has an incredible effect on our mental health. Travelling can increase creativity, elevate your daily mood, provide long-term stress relief, and even alter your personality—for the better!

Experiencing other cultures can open your eyes to truths you would never have encountered otherwise, making you more open-minded, adventurous, and ambitious.

But before any transformation can take place, we have to go back to basics and make sure traveling does not turn sour from any 100% preventable mishaps.

Best Purses for Traveling Abroad:

1. Fossil Morgan Traveler

When only 30% of Americans own passports, you may be one of the many who has never put in much thought to what bag is best suited for traversing new destinations.

That’s why the Fossil Morgan Traveler purse is specially designed to help you take your mind off any potential hitches in your plans, with ample pockets, compartments, and a crossbody design.

When traveling, you may think any old bag can do the trick, but a crossbody design might be in your best interest when thieves are prowling, looking for vulnerable tourists to stop paying attention so they can lift valuables from insecure shoulder bags or handbags.

This Fossil bag is a great jack-of-all-trades choice for newbie travelers who may not want to go utilitarian with their bag choice, yet also not walk around a busy city with a huge bag.

2. Pacsafe Bags

Want to step up your travel bag game with extra safety procedures? Pacsafe has a whole line of bags of varying sizes that promises extra-secure travel.

Pacsafe bags come with a lightweight metal mesh inside straps to prevent “slash-and-runs”, or robbery attempts where thieves cut off bags and run off with the contents! Yes—it has happened before, and many thieves will take advantage if your bag is not securely against your body and even hidden from view.

Pacsafe CitySafe bag comes with RFID blocking material as well. RFID blocking refers to the thwarting of high-tech criminals’ attempts to lift electronic credit card, social security, or even passport information from the contents of your wallet. While the jury is still out on whether or not RFID blocking is necessary, when in a foreign city, you may want to be better safe than sorry.

3. UTO

Still itching for the convenience of a shoulder bag for your travels? UTO provides a choice that is both comfortable and safe!

You can switch a UTO bag from a shoulder bag to a backpack bag depending on your needs. It has ample room for anything you might need, like maps, water bottles, wallets, cameras, and your phone with a whopping ten pockets in addition to its main compartment.

4. Baggalini Everywhere

If your destination involves a stormy weather forecast, have no fear. Baggalini’s travel bags are water-resistant and durable on top of being safe and ample. It even has special pockets for a water bottle and umbrella, and an RFID blocking wallet you can pull out of the middle of the bag!

5. Healthy Back Bag

Travelers trying to avoid back problems and discomfort need to look no further than the Healthy Back Bag. With a unique teardrop shape, this bag distributes weight equally and effectively.

On top of providing plenty of space, this bag’s zipper is tucked clandestinely against your back instead of having an outer pocket. No sneaky zipper thieves here!


Final Thoughts

Do not let worries and uncertainty stop you from exploring the world! No matter your circumstances, you can find a way to see other cultures, be it staying in hostels, doing a foreign exchange program, or have a look out for incredible deals. With the right attitude and the right purse for traveling abroad, you can take on anything!

The Best Product for Severe Diaper Rash (5 Choices for Mom’s)

The majority of the newborns and children, up to three years old, get diaper rashes, despite their mothers’ efforts of creating a high hygienic environment for their babies.

The good news is you don’t have to freak out since this is a common situation for almost any mom and there is a multitude of solutions developed to fight against it.

Understanding the causal factors, along with the overall development mechanism of the rash, will lead you in choosing the best product for severe diaper rash. In order to keep the rash away, you will have to develop an entire ritual, involving using top rated products.

Bad Diaper Rash: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

The skin of your little one is fragile, just like its immune system. Introducing him to all sorts of chemicals, perfumes or baby cosmetics can cause rashes and dry its skin.

Newborns have wrinkled skin, covered, to a smaller or larger extent, by a protective layer called vernix caseosa, that gradually disappears during the first week.

It is predominantly made from fatty acids and has the role of protecting the delicate skin of the baby, both in the intrauterine life and once the baby is born. Therefore, it is not advisable to remove it too quickly by vigorous washing, as this is the first factor fighting against diaper rash formation.

What is a diaper rash?  It is an inflammation of the skin, appearing in the diaper area. As symptoms, the baby skin may look inflamed and feel warm when you touch it.

This rash can manifest under an easy form, with just a few red spots in a small area, or it can take a severe form, with a rash extending to the belly and the baby’s thighs.

What causes diaper rash? Several factors are believed to create a pleasant environment for the appearance of a diaper rash:

  • Humidity.
  • Ammonia from poop and urine.
  • Feeding, the little one, new foods.
  • Irritation caused by using a new product.
  • Bacterial or fungal infections.
  • Sensitive skin.
  • Using antibiotics.

However, you can heal and prevent diaper rash following some efficient habitual steps along with using top-rated care products.

5 The Best Product for Severe Diaper Rash

1. Baby Dove Tip to Toe Wash, Rich Moisture

It is important to limit the use of cosmetic products, within the first period (months) of your baby’s life. The bath can be made with a bath sponge and possibly a small amount of baby-cleaner, pH neutral, “head to toe” type.

Solid soaps or bath foam should be avoided and during the bath, you should predominantly insist on the baby’s inguinal, axillary and cervical areas.

2. Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes

When you are dealing with severe diaper rashes, washing might become painful, for your newborn, due to burning sensations. Its skin is damaged and extremely sensitive; therefore, warm water might trigger painful sensations when touching the rash affected areas.

It is advisable to use alcohol-free cleansing wet napkins for babies and forget about water and soap for cleaning, at least for a while.

After using the napkins, leave the affected area uncovered, as long as possible, to help dry the damaged skin. Also, apply a cream designed to heal severe diaper rashes.

3. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment

After each change of diaper, it is advisable to use a diaper rash treatment. Do not use baby powder because its dust is harmful to babies’ lungs.

Instead, choose some cream rich in zinc and paraben-free. For a severe diaper rash choose a treatment with a higher concentration of zinc, since this mineral has anti-inflammatory properties and will rush the wound healing process.

Also, look for mineral oils, in the composition of the cream, you will use, as they hydrate the damaged skin of your baby, reducing the pain and burning sensations. After the rash heals, make sure you will use a cream, with a smaller concentration of zinc, to prevent the rash from coming back.

4. Motherlove Diaper Balm for Persistent Diaper Rash

Another reliable bad diaper rash treatment can be found in the organic creams or balms. The olive oil based balms are the most recommended since the fats in olive oil are similar to fats in human skin.

So they will be the least likely to amplify the irritation of the baby’s skin. Also, the olive oil has high moisturizing properties, leaving the skin soft.

The only disadvantage would be its smell; therefore, to avoid making your baby smell like a salad, you can opt for balms incorporating ingredients like beeswax, herbs or fruit to give it a more pleasant odor.

5. Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers

The main cause for bad diaper rashes is related to wearing diapers that do not allow the skin to breathe. The ammonia, contained in the urine and within the baby’s stool, irritates the sensitive skin and causes discomfort for both of you.

The best treatment, to help you get rid of diaper rash, is to keep the baby’s skin as clean and dry as possible.

You may opt for nappies or disposable diapers, but most of the moms choose disposable diapers as they ask for a minimal maintenance effort.

Regardless of the type of diaper used, it is recommended to change the baby as soon as possible after the diaper gets dirty, to keep the baby’s skin dry and clean.

Final Thoughts

The dreadful diaper rash should give up, after a few days, if you follow these tips. If the diaper rash persists, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician for more detailed recommendations.

Beware of possible allergies, to components in baby cosmetic products, that may manifest as diaper rashes! Remember that by using antibiotics you kill bacteria – good or bad.

Without the presence of good bacteria, there is a high risk of fungal infections. This can happen when the baby is given antibiotics or when the mother who is breastfeeding is undergoing antibiotic treatment.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Best Essential Oil Diffuser: How to Find and Buy the Right One

Looking for the best essential oil diffuser for your aromatherapy should be easy once you know the basics of diffusers. Essential oils give scent to a room to make the environment more pleasing and comforting. Depending on the oils that you choose to use, the aroma of these oils can also have other benefits, like cure a headache, calm your senses, and help manage your stress. This does not work by simply opening a bottle of oil and prop it on top of a table, though. To get the most of its healing effects and fragrance, you need a tool that will disperse the oil particles into the room and that is what an oil diffuser is for.

Buying an oil diffuser can be a bit challenging because there are several types and each works differently, thus may or may not meet your specific needs. To make it easier for you to choose the right diffuser for your home, here are the different types of essential oil diffusers.

Humidifying Diffusers

This type of diffuser uses ultrasonic vibration to create and disperse tiny particles of water and oil mixture in to the air. In doing so, it forms a fog, which is why it is called a humidifying diffuser because it adds moisture in the air. The good thing about this type is that you will only need a few drops of organic essential oils for each cup of water hence help you save on your essential oils. Also, despite the vibration action, this diffuser is actually very quiet when it operates that you will never even know that it is running until you smell the fragrance in the room. However, this type of diffuser is not efficient in dispersing the oil in a large area, which is why it is only ideal for use in small spaces.

Nebulizing Oil Diffuser

A nebulizing diffuser turns oil into almost gas state and microscopic state, allowing it to permeate efficiently in the room. In just a few minutes, your room will be filled with the therapeutic oil, thus optimizing its benefits. This makes this type of diffuser ideal for large rooms or spaces. The problem, however, is that since it can fill the room quickly and effectively, your olfactory sense may get immune to it. Hence, it is advised that you choose a diffuser that has a timer, so that you can set it to run for a few minutes at a time automatically.

USB Diffuser

Now you can take advantage of technology to disperse essential oils into the air with this type of diffuser. All you have to do is plug the USB diffuser to an outlet, like in your computer, and it will deliver micro-particles of oil to the surrounding for hours with the use of heat.

Car Diffusers

This type of diffuser is connected in the cars cigarette lighter. It produces heat to diffuse the oil that is placed in it, usually in the form of a pad. This is great if you want to enjoy a good aromatherapy while you travel. It can also serve as a substitute to ordinary car perfumes that are often made up of heavy fragrances. A car diffuser is also considered an evaporative diffuser because it works through the process of evaporation.

Evaporative Diffusers

This type of diffuser usually uses heat to diffuse oil to the environment, although there are also designs that use fan. What is good about evaporative diffusers is that they are very easy to use and you can switch from one type of oil to another without difficulty. However, since it is an evaporation process, it is natural that the lighter components of the oil will diffuse first, thus affecting the oil’s therapeutic benefits. In other words, it does not turn all the components of the oil into microscopic particles and release all of those to the environment at the same time.

Heat Diffusers

This type of diffuser usually consists of a small bowl where you place the oil and underneath it is a heat source, like a candle, that evaporates the oil. It is a very simple setup that you can even create your own homemade oil diffuser of this kind easily. This is not ideal for large rooms, though, so you can place this in the bathroom or in your bedroom, or you can place several heat diffusers for large areas.

With this information, you can now shop for your own essential oil diffuser without difficulty. Just ask yourself where you intend to place the diffuser (living room, bathroom, car, etc.) and for what purpose (therapy or fragrance). This is why it really is difficult to identify the best essential oil diffuser because you may actually need two or more types at the same time since each works differently. Just remember to assess your needs and find a matching oil diffuser that will fill that need. As for the brand, there are plenty to choose from, thus allowing you enough option to also meet your budget. Shop around and you will soon find one that will become your favorite oil diffuser.

Best Essential Oils


Best Essential Oils: Guidelines, Storage, and Other Tips

Just because a person owns several bottles of the best essential oils does not necessarily make that person an expert. You will be surprised to know that a lot of avid essential oil users really know little about this amazing product, instead they only have the money that allows them to buy the best oils that are available in the market. To stand out from the pack of bandwagon jumpers, here is a guide to essential oils that can make you an informed user.

How are Essential Oils Made?

These oils are actually plant extracts and they can be made through any of these processes: steam distillation, extraction, and expression. It takes a considerable amount of plant material to produce a bottle of essential oil. For some, the ratio may be 1: 100, but it can be also as high as 1:4000.

How are They Used?

There are many ways on how to use essential oils. You can just open up a bottle and sniff the vapor or you can place the oil in a diffuser to disperse its tiny molecules in the room. You may also add a few drops in your bath water, or massage it on your skin. In some cases, you can also ingest it by adding a few drops in your drinking water or in your food recipes.

Safety of Essential Oils

Essential oils are relatively safe to use since they are made from natural plant material. However, some oils are very strong that they may burn your skin if used directly. This is why you may sometimes need to blend it with a carrier oil prior to massaging on your skin. A carrier oil dilutes the essential oil to make it less irritating. Some that you may use are coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil. To ensure safety, make it a point to do a skin test. Just mix the carrier oil with your essential oil and rub a small amount on the patch of skin inside your elbow. Leave it there overnight. If no irritation occurs, you may continue using that blend on a larger area of your body. Another thing, remember to avoid placing the oil near your eyes. If it accidentally happens, rinse the affected eye right away with olive oil. Using oil will attract the oil that got in your eye hence makes for a better rinse compared to water.

Essential Oil Blends

As you shop for essential oils, you may come upon products known as essential oil blends. These are mixtures ofdifferent types of oils that were formulated for a certain purpose. It could be to help you relax, make you feel happier, or boost your immunity. Those who formulated these took into consideration the different elements that are present in each type of oil and how they interact together to boost their effects.

Layering Oils

You can layer oils on your skin to get the different benefits that each type of oil brings. However, ensure that you are only layering single oils or pure oils. Do not layer oil blends because it may affect their efficacy or alter their benefits.

Proper Storage of Essential Oils

These oils must be stored in dark colored or amber bottles because they are prone to oxidation. Prolonged exposure to light can affect their quality hence the appropriate type of bottle must be used. Furthermore, make sure that these oils are stored in cold temperature. They will last longer that way thus allowing you to lengthen their shelf life. Normally, steam distilled essential oils can be used for two year from the date of production, but you can still use it for longer if stored properly. If you choose to place your oil in the refrigerator and they solidify, just let the bottle sit in room temperature for a few minutes or rub the bottle between your palms.

Just a Little Goes a Long Way

Essential oils are highly concentrated hence just a few drops are enough for different uses. If you intend to rub the oil on your head to relieve you of your headache, just a couple of drops mixed with some carrier oils will be enough. Sometimes even if you use the essential oil with an oil diffuser, adding some carrier oil will make the scent less strong so that you can prevent irritating your airways.

Take Extra Care When Using Essential Oil on Kids

Kids have very thin and sensitive skin, so ensure to increase the dilution of your oil blends when applying directly on the skin. Stick to a range of 0.05% to 0.10% dilution. Try to do the same when using oils on the elderly.

Consult Your Physician

If you are currently taking medications for a certain illness, ask your physician first if it is safe for you to simultaneously use essential oils. Some drugs may have untoward interactions with the components of your essential oils that may do you harm or lessen their efficacy. This is especially true if you are using topical medications and then massage an oil blend over it.

These tips and guidelines on the best essential oils will ensure that you stay safe as you try to harness the benefits of these natural compounds. Keep these in mind and strive to learn more each day because new studies are being conducted and they will surely bring more valuable information in the future.

Organic Essential Oils: Your Buying Guide

bottle of fir tree essential oil - beauty treatment

Organic Essential Oils: Your Buying Guide

Essential oils are so popular nowadays because of their many beneficial uses. This could be the reason why you are now very eager to buy your own bottles of organic essential oils. Before you go online or visit a store, it would do you well if you read the following tips. First to ensure that you take home only the best essential oils.

Organic vs. Non-organic

The distinction between the two is solely based on how the plants were grown, or the farming method used.

Basically, only organic fertilizers must be used to grow these plants hence rendering them free from chemicals that are present in pesticides,
fungicides, and herbicides.

People are becoming more and more health conscious nowadays, which is why organic products are becoming so popular because it eliminates the risk of getting any of those harmful chemicals from getting in your system.

Once the farm and the processing facility where the oil is made are certified organic (based on local regulations), then their products can be classified as certified organic oils too.

High Quality Essential Oil

Just because it is an organic oil does not instantly mean that it is of high quality.

A lot of factors contribute to this such as the part of the plant (and its state) that was used for the extraction, the harvesting method, efficiency of the distillation process, and even the storage method.

A company may use the best plants and have the best distilling machines, but if they fail to store their finished products properly, then the essential oils that they sell may not be of high quality anymore.

Choose Pure Essential Oils

By pure, it means that it must only contain the concentrated oils extracted from the plants.

Some manufacturers use additives to help them profit more with each bottle because they are basically lowering the concentration of the oil when they
mix it with a cheaper type or oil.

This is why you should always read the labels to ensure that you are not being cheated for paying a high price for a substandard product.

Unless you are buying an oil blend, the label must indicate only one ingredient.

Fragrance Oils are Not Essential Oil

Some people make the mistake of thinking that both are one and the same.

Fragrance oils are combinations of chemicals and essential oils, and they actually contain very little essential oil.

If the fragrance oil is alcohol-based, then it is merely alcohol that has been added with several drops of essential oil to make it scented for the purpose of being used as a perfume.

Look at the Packaging

Essential oils must be stored in dark or amber bottles because exposure to light can affect their quality (reduce efficacy).

The bottle must also be tightly sealed to ensure that all the important components of the oil are still intact or have not evaporated.

See to it, though, that the bottle cover is not made of rubber because parts of it could have deteriorated due to the strength of the oil and that may contaminate the content.

It would also be better if you can find a company that indicates the date the oil was manufactured on their packaging.

Most steam distilled oils have a shelf life of 2 years, so make sure that you only buy freshly produced products.

Choose a Reputable Company

You will be surprised at the numerous sellers of essential oils that you will find in the market or online.


Most of these are actually resellers, meaning they do not manufacture the oils themselves.

This is not saying that they are not trustworthy.

There is a chance that some of them may be selling adulterated oils so that they can profit more.

It is still better to buy straight from the manufacturer or at least a distributor that has earned a good reputation.

Ask around among fellow essential oil users to get feedback and reviews of their experiences with various sellers so that you can assess which ones to trust.

Price vs. Quality

If the essential oil is sold at a very low price, take that as a red signal that something is wrong.

Just so you know, it takes a lot of plant material to produce a bottle of oil. Lavender oil, for instance, makes use of 100 pounds of the plant to produce a single pound of oil. Therefore, expect pure essential oil to be costly.

Conveniently Shop Online

Shopping online allows you to easily compare prices between several sellers. If you are lucky, you may even chance upon promotions that they regularly offer.

Just remember to check the background and reputation of the companies, though, to ensure that you are spending your money on a reliable seller and that only good quality oil will be delivered to your doorstep.

Be a smart buyer when shopping for organic essential oils. Take the time to research on the product first and then on the person or company that you are buying from.

It would be best to buy small bottles first so that you can try the quality of their products before deciding to buy in bulk.

This way, even if you make a mistake, the amount of money you lost will be bearable.