Fragrance Oil in Ultrasonic Diffuser: Make Your House Smell Amazing

Fragrance Oil in Ultrasonic Diffuser

While some sources recommend avoiding fragrance oils in your ultrasonic diffuser, with a little extra effort, you can use them. Primarily you need to read the manufacturer’s suggested uses. Because fragrance oils tend to be more viscous and heavier, they can clog some essential oil diffusers. Fortunately, this is not always the case. There are plenty of ultrasonics that work well with fragrance oils. Vitally, you should always choose a high-quality fragrance oil that is made for diffusing. By checking into the details, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble, and you won’t break a perfectly good diffuser. I’ll show you how diffusers work, and how to select the right fragrance oils so you can get the perfect scent anytime.


How Ultrasonic Diffusers Disburse Fragrance Oil

To make your home smell amazing with fragrance oils, an ultrasonic diffuser uses some surprising technology. As you probably know, water and oil don’t usually mix. So getting them into the air together requires special treatment.

There are relatively few parts to your diffuser. The outside body keeps everything within and creates a channel for the mist to come out. However, inside there’s not as much going on as you might expect.

A reservoir holds the water and oil inside. Below that is the ultrasonic membrane. Finally, under the membrane is a fan inside a separate, waterproof chamber. The fan moves air to push the mist out the top, but it’s the vibrating membrane that makes the magic happen.

By vibrating at a high rate, the ultrasonic membrane is quite literally shaking the water and oil into microdroplets. Just like a cloud, those droplets are so small that they’re lighter than air. Thus they carry around the room like fog, pollution, and other microparticles, but much better smelling.

While it’s shaking the water into micro drops, the vibration disrupts the oil. Since water and oil don’t mix, the denser water forms around the fragrance oil droplets and carries them upward enclosed within the mist. After that, air circulating in your house from an air conditioner, fan, heater, or your breathing and movement helps spread the lovely scent all over the house.

Like rain, the microdroplets eventually settle down on the surfaces of your home. You may find that, when the air is very still, you need to wipe off the table or other area immediately around your diffuser. If there’s very little motion to the air, the drops will all settle in one area.

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Benefits of Ultrasonic Diffusers

There are some added benefits to choosing an ultrasonic diffuser for your fragrance oils and essential oils. For one thing, ultrasonics tend to be extremely quiet. If you have trouble sleeping near a regular humidifier because of the constant noise, then you’ll love an ultrasonic diffuser.

Most ultrasonic diffusers come with two essential safety features as well. Firstly, they often have a low-water shutoff. By sensing the lack of water and turning themselves off, you won’t have to worry about overusing the motor and subsequently burning it out. Running on empty is not suitable for the device.

The second safety feature is just as important. A timer makes it easy to get plenty of delicious aroma moving around the room without overdoing it. Since we are inhaling whatever we can smell, you don’t want too much oil going into your lungs.

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More Benefits

Unlike a heat diffuser, which uses flames or electric heat, there is no risk of starting a fire with an ultrasonic diffuser. Vibration alone isn’t enough to cause burning. Moreover, there are no carcinogens from burning, which is better for your health.

Also, unlike heated diffusers and humidifiers, the mist that comes out is cool. That means it’s not contributing to warming up your home in the summer. However, the water is room temperature, so it also won’t significantly cool the room in winter when your heat is on.

Finally, the microdroplets travel easily. Practically speaking, that means you can quickly get a very wide disbursement. However, you should always read the specifications for both your oils and your diffuser.

Choosing the Right Fragrance Oil for Diffusers

Not all fragrance oils are meant for use in ultrasonic diffusers. It’s vital to know that there are different formulas, and these can affect the way your diffuser performs. In extreme cases, the wrong oil could even cause issues with your diffuser.

Typically, fragrance oils will explicitly say how they should be used. Some oils work best in candles and scented home-sprays. Meanwhile, others are intended for use on skin and in bath products. However, many delightful scented fragrance oils work just fine in an ultrasonic diffuser.

Since fragrance oils are often denser than their essential oil equivalents, some machines cannot handle them as easily. Fortunately, there are some companies, like Yankee Candles, that make diffuser-only oils.

Make sure the labels on your fragrance oils specify diffuser use. Otherwise, you may have a candle oil or a skin oil instead, and it won’t work as well. Moreover, you don’t want to breathe in oil made for disbursing throughout wax or some other dense substance like soap.

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Match Your Mood

If you’re new to using fragrance oils in a diffuser, there’s one incredible benefit you may not know about yet. Because fragrance oils are synthetic, you have so many more choices. Quite literally, any smell in the world can be simulated with the right blend of ingredients.

Essential oils are limited to whatever scents come naturally from plants. Don’t get me wrong, there are many uses for essential oils, and they often have added therapeutic benefits hat fragrance oils do not. However, you won’t find a sugar cookie plant, nor leather, or clean laundry scent.

Choose your fragrance based on the two most important factors. First, what do you enjoy, and secondly, do what makes sense. Fall leaves and autumnal forest scents probably won’t smell right in springtime, for example. Try to pick smells you love that go well with the feel of your home and the season of the year. Most of all, have fun changing the atmosphere.

How to Use Fragrance Oil in a Diffuser

Using fragrance oil inside your ultrasonic diffuser is incredibly easy. Because of the synthetic compounds in a fragrance oil, the scents are often incredibly concentrated. Furthermore, the smells are usually created using a concentrate that is a liquid, powder, or crystalline form dissolved into the carrier oil.

Resultantly, you don’t need to use much to get a strong scent. I suggest beginning with as little as three drops of oil. Naturally, the size of your diffuser’s water tank matters, and you’ll want a bit more if you’re scenting a large room with a larger ultrasonic.

Give the diffuser about fifteen minutes when you test a new concentration. If the scent isn’t strong enough, then add another three drops. You can increase as much as you like, but you can’t take the smell out of the air.

Try stepping out of the room and going outside. You’ll get a much better idea of what the fragrance smells like by clearing out your lungs and nose. Remember that you get ‘nose-blind’ if you’re inhaling a scent all the time. Luckily, that’s also a great reason to change up your fragrances daily or weekly to get more out of them. 

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Final Thoughts

Using fragrance oil in an ultrasonic diffuser is an outstanding way to make your home smell like almost anything. From fresh laundry to old books and leather, freshly baked brownies with caramel sauce, or a flowery field in spring, any scent is possible. Moreover, a diffuser can help you keep the humidity level just right as well.

Perhaps the hardest part of using an ultrasonic diffuser is choosing which scent you want most today. Plus, you can customize every room, every season, and every event with a unique scent. Evoke memories and create new ones with the right smell, keyed to your whims and needs.

Make sure not to overdo it when you use your fragrance oils. A little bit goes a long way, and part of the appeal is that they linger much longer than many perfumes or essential oils.


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