How to Clean a Diffuser with Citric Acid (5 Easy Steps)

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As you probably know, having a diffuser in your home is one of the best things for not only making the air quality more pleasant but it is also healthy for you.

Oil diffusers spread microparticles of your favorite oils such as lavender, peppermint, and eucalypt throughout the whole room, making it wonderful to be in it.

There is no denial that aromatherapy is great, and the diffusers are a great way to experience the benefits of the essential oils.

Now, if you already have a diffuser you may already have problems with it not working at its optimal level. This usually happens because you need to clean your diffuser to ensure that the essential oils will spread through the air otherwise what you get is a not-so-pleasant smell.

Cleaning your device will not only make the oils smell better but also will ensure the long life of your device. For these crucial reasons, it is vital that you keep your device always clean.

In this article, you are going to learn how to clean a diffuser with citric acid, which is the best way to do it.

Why Citric Acid?

Citric acid is a strong water-soluble solution that causes a powerful chemical reaction eliminating all the impurities that get in the way of the oils, and also, the oil in itself since sometimes is the oil residue that prevents the diffuser from working perfectly.

The citric acid is, therefore, the most powerful way to clean your diffuser. Follow these 5 easy steps and make sure your diffuser is working at its best capacity.

Too many times diffusers are not broken. They are only dirty or they could have lasted longer if they were properly maintained. So do not make this mistake.

The 5 Steps on How to Clean a Diffuser with Citric Acid

1. Turn it Off

This part is the most obvious one, but it is still important to say it. You have to power down your diffuser to prevent any electrical damage to the device.

It is also advisable that you wait five minutes or so after you turn it off, so the device can cool down. This all to make sure that your device lasts long.

You also have to remove the power adapter from the diffuser since you are going to use water to clean it, and it is best not to get the adapter wet or it may cause permanent damage to your diffuser.

2. Prepare the Solution

Then, while the diffuser is cooling down, you can prepare the solution that will be applied and clean the device thoroughly.

First, you are going to get a tablespoon of citric acid and make a solution with warm water. Then fill the reservoir up to the halfway mark.

You need to have a uniform liquid before applying It on your diffuser that is why the water needs to be warm, so the citric acid will dissolve in the water, forming the solution that will remove residues of dirt and oil from the device.

3. Apply it On the Device

Once you have your solution ready, it is time to apply it on the diffuser. First, you pour down the solution into the diffuser and keep it there for around 10 minutes.

This is essential to make sure that the impurities are eliminated otherwise you may go into all this trouble for nothing.

Do not use too much of the citric acid solution to not waste more than necessaire and cause any damage to the device. It is quite simple if you use only enough to remove the impurities.

Then the next step is to remove both the remaining dirt and the solution to allow the oils to spread through the air.

4. Rinse

This step is when you are going to rinse the right parts to remove the oil and the solution. The water will clean deeply, making sure that the device is ready to be used again.

Now, you are going to empty the contents of the reservoir. Then, all you have to do is clean the inside of the top lid and the diffuser with the remaining water. Make sure that the oils are removed and there is no dirt.

After you rinse, use a wet cloth to thoroughly clean the corner spaces to make sure there is nothing left.

5. Dry

This last step is very important because you cannot under any circumstance turn the device on while is still wet even if it is just a little.

First, you are going to get a dry cloth to dry it out most of the water. This is going let 90% of the device dry. Get it dry as best as you can to make the rest of the process is faster for you.

Then, you have to let the diffuser air out naturally to make it 100% dry and ready to be used again. If you skip this part you risk causing damage to the diffuser, so it is an important step to be followed.

Final Thoughts:

Now with all these easy steps to ensure that your device will last longer and work properly, all you have to do is your maintenance every once in a while.

Diffusers are a great device to have in your home because they make the environment more pleasant and healthier. All you have to do is take care of yours to ensure that it lasts a long time.

Now, pick your favorite oils and get your device. Also, do not forget to share this article so no one ever has a problem cleaning their diffusers.

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