Essential Oils Uses and Benefits


Essential Oils Uses and Benefits

There are so many essential oils uses that enumerating them can result to a very long list. Still, you need to know about these because you might be limiting the use of your essential oils to one or two things. When you can actually use them to a whole wide variety of purposes that you never thought possible. That would be a shame because you will not be able to optimize the benefits of essential oils. So, to round it up, here are the things that you can do with these amazing oils.

Kills Pathogens

Some essential oils actually have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can treat skin problems.

For example, lavender essential oil can help heal burns, while tea tree oil is a well-known topical treatment for pimples because it can kill the bacteria that are present in those acne lesions.

Medicinal and Therapeutic Oil

Headache, insomnia, toothache, congestion, inflammation, nausea, allergies, hair loss, PMS – these are just some of the conditions that essential oils
can help alleviate and heal.

Sometimes, a simple inhalation of peppermint oil can help clear your airways and remove congestion
that you will never even have to pop a single pill to feel better.

By trying out the medicinal properties of these therapeutic oils first, you can help protect your liver because you are healing your illness through natural means, hence eliminating the need to fill your body with various drugs or medications.

You will be surprised to know that some hospitals actually use essential oils in the rooms of patients who are due for surgery to calm them down and have them ready for the operation.

Weight Loss

If you are having trouble losing weight or maintaining your ideal weight, try turning to essential oils for weight loss instead of buying one of those diet pills that may actually be harmful to your body.

Grapefruit essential oil is very effective for this purpose because it can help lower down cholesterol levels.

Grapefruits carry an active ingredient in them, called d-limonene, it has been studied and found to reduce lipid peroxidation, which help you lose weight.

You can use it in many ways, like adding a few drops in a glass of drinking water, or by massaging directly on your skin.

Air Freshener and Eliminates Odor

This is perhaps what essential oils are most famous for.

Many homes, nowadays, use essential oils to add fragrance to their homes instead of using scented candles.

Although, just so you know, these scented candles also have essential oils in them, which give them their distinct aromas.

As an air freshener, you may need an oil diffuser to effectively disperse the oil particles to the air or surrounding area.

What is good about using essential oils is that while you are freshening your home or room, you are also giving yourself a good aromatherapy to help ease your illnesses.

For example, if you are feeling depressed, use lemon oil to freshen your home and you will also instantly feel better emotionally and mentally.

Furthermore, since essential oils have antibacterial properties, it can kill the bacteria that are lurking in your home, which could be causing the unwanted smell.

Gift Item

Picking the right gift for a dear person for a very special occasion can be very challenging at times.

You cannot help but be worried if the person will love your gift or not, and if the recipient will find the gift useful.

Choosing essential oils as gift items offers the best solution.

Both men and women can use it hence expect a heartfelt thank you once you give them an essential oil that really fits the personality of the recipient.


You read that right.Essential oils can also be used to drive away pests in your homes.

For instance, spraying water that contains a few drops of peppermint oil in areas frequented by mice can drive them away.

Instead of moth balls, you can also use patchouli oil to prevent moths from getting in your clothes.

Just soak a cotton in it and place in your closets.

All Around Cleaner

Since tea tree oils is a very good antibacterial, you can mix it with your cleaning solutions of water and soap to further effectively remove dirt and sanitize your surroundings.

You can use it on your dishes, floors, tabletops, counters, and even on your bags and other personal items that you regularly clean and wash.

Ingredient for Spa Recipes

If you are one of those people who mix up your own concoctions of lotions, shampoos, scrubs, toners, and masks.

You can add a few drops of essential oils to add fragrance to these products.

Aside from adding scent, the antibacterial and antifungal properties of essential oils can also make your spa products become effective in healing skin problems, like acne, rashes, and allergies.

Since essential oils are highly concentrated, just a few drops are usually enough for every preparation.

Food Ingredient

You may also use these oils when cooking your favorite recipes.

Ginger, rosemary, lemon, thyme, sage, and peppermint are just some of these oils that you should have stock of in your pantry.

You might be surprised now after learning all these essential oils uses and probably very eager to try out some of the things listed here.

The more you get to know about essential oils, the more you will realize their importance and why you should keep a few bottles in your home at all times.

Who knows, it can be the solution that you have been looking for for a long time now.

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