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Best Essential Oils: Guidelines, Storage, and Other Tips

Just because a person owns several bottles of the best essential oils does not necessarily make that person an expert. You will be surprised to know that a lot of avid essential oil users really know little about this amazing product, instead they only have the money that allows them to buy the best oils that are available in the market. To stand out from the pack of bandwagon jumpers, here is a guide to essential oils that can make you an informed user.

How are Essential Oils Made?

These oils are actually plant extracts and they can be made through any of these processes: steam distillation, extraction, and expression. It takes a considerable amount of plant material to produce a bottle of essential oil. For some, the ratio may be 1: 100, but it can be also as high as 1:4000.

How are They Used?

There are many ways on how to use essential oils. You can just open up a bottle and sniff the vapor or you can place the oil in a diffuser to disperse its tiny molecules in the room. You may also add a few drops in your bath water, or massage it on your skin. In some cases, you can also ingest it by adding a few drops in your drinking water or in your food recipes.

Safety of Essential Oils

Essential oils are relatively safe to use since they are made from natural plant material. However, some oils are very strong that they may burn your skin if used directly. This is why you may sometimes need to blend it with a carrier oil prior to massaging on your skin. A carrier oil dilutes the essential oil to make it less irritating. Some that you may use are coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil. To ensure safety, make it a point to do a skin test. Just mix the carrier oil with your essential oil and rub a small amount on the patch of skin inside your elbow. Leave it there overnight. If no irritation occurs, you may continue using that blend on a larger area of your body. Another thing, remember to avoid placing the oil near your eyes. If it accidentally happens, rinse the affected eye right away with olive oil. Using oil will attract the oil that got in your eye hence makes for a better rinse compared to water.

Essential Oil Blends

As you shop for essential oils, you may come upon products known as essential oil blends. These are mixtures ofdifferent types of oils that were formulated for a certain purpose. It could be to help you relax, make you feel happier, or boost your immunity. Those who formulated these took into consideration the different elements that are present in each type of oil and how they interact together to boost their effects.

Layering Oils

You can layer oils on your skin to get the different benefits that each type of oil brings. However, ensure that you are only layering single oils or pure oils. Do not layer oil blends because it may affect their efficacy or alter their benefits.

Proper Storage of Essential Oils

These oils must be stored in dark colored or amber bottles because they are prone to oxidation. Prolonged exposure to light can affect their quality hence the appropriate type of bottle must be used. Furthermore, make sure that these oils are stored in cold temperature. They will last longer that way thus allowing you to lengthen their shelf life. Normally, steam distilled essential oils can be used for two year from the date of production, but you can still use it for longer if stored properly. If you choose to place your oil in the refrigerator and they solidify, just let the bottle sit in room temperature for a few minutes or rub the bottle between your palms.

Just a Little Goes a Long Way

Essential oils are highly concentrated hence just a few drops are enough for different uses. If you intend to rub the oil on your head to relieve you of your headache, just a couple of drops mixed with some carrier oils will be enough. Sometimes even if you use the essential oil with an oil diffuser, adding some carrier oil will make the scent less strong so that you can prevent irritating your airways.

Take Extra Care When Using Essential Oil on Kids

Kids have very thin and sensitive skin, so ensure to increase the dilution of your oil blends when applying directly on the skin. Stick to a range of 0.05% to 0.10% dilution. Try to do the same when using oils on the elderly.

Consult Your Physician

If you are currently taking medications for a certain illness, ask your physician first if it is safe for you to simultaneously use essential oils. Some drugs may have untoward interactions with the components of your essential oils that may do you harm or lessen their efficacy. This is especially true if you are using topical medications and then massage an oil blend over it.

These tips and guidelines on the best essential oils will ensure that you stay safe as you try to harness the benefits of these natural compounds. Keep these in mind and strive to learn more each day because new studies are being conducted and they will surely bring more valuable information in the future.

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