Which Facial is Best for Gents: Great Skin for Guys

Which Facial is Best for Gents

Men and women have very different skin, so finding the best facial for gents can be a little challenging. Fortunately, there are plenty of ingenious at-home solutions for men’s skincare. Even beardy guys who work outdoors can see real benefits from getting a good facial once a month. Moreover, the harsher they are on their skin, the more it helps. Hopefully, the guys in your life know that a little self-pampering is the right way to go. After all, everyone wants to look and feel their best, and you can bet that CEOs and Kings spend a little time at the spa, even with their busy schedules. So how do you get them the right facial? Well, primarily, you need to know a little about what makes a mans’ skin different and what types of stress his face is under daily. After that, it’s a simple thing to match them with the right product.

Which facial is best for gents? A facial with oil reduction and deep moisturizing is the best for gents. Men have thicker skin than women, and that’s not a metaphor. Because of the genetic differences, the dermal layer is thicker, and men typically produce more sebum (oil). Thus a facial that addresses male skin’s unique biology is the best option. 


Men’s Skin Needs a Different Facial

Some things are universal for all humans, like dry skin and sun damage, but the best facial for gents is seldom the same as it is for women. We have thinner and often softer skin than men, which means that what penetrates deeply for us isn’t always enough to do the job on a guy. Because the difference is as much as twenty-five percent, men’s skin needs deeper cleansers.

Likewise, high-quality men’s skincare products are often too harsh for a woman’s skin. It’s reasonably common for couples to share skincare products, including at-home facials. While that’s perfectly sweet, it’s wrongheaded. Though all facials will do something for most skin, it’s vital to treat the skin you have in a specific and targeted manner.

An excellent way to incorporate a mini-facial into gents’ daily routine is with the Solo Mio For Him from Amazon. This smart, ergonomic face scrubber massages and deep cleans his face like a tiny spa. Not only will he get clearer and younger-looking skin, but it also makes shaving easier. Learn all about the Solo Mio by clicking here

Spa Vs. At-Home Facials for Gents

Although gents in the know have always taken time to treat their skin right, getting a spa facial can be a bit nerve-wracking for the average guy. Not only does it take time out of his regular routine, but for years the spa treatment was marketed as solely feminine. Though thoroughly modern men don’t worry about that sort of toxic masculinity, social programming runs deep.

What is truly best for your favorite man’s skin is making sure he treats it right. By starting in a more private setting, even hesitant guys can reap the benefits of a great facial. However, those who already love treating their skin will appreciate a home facial as well.

A man who has never had a spa treatment may be nervous about letting a stranger mess with his face. Although aestheticians and dermatologists are nothing to fear, it does take a modicum of bravery to let an unknown person do unfamiliar things near your eyes. Rather than starting with the full treatment, a DIY makes a superb introduction.

Do a full mini-spa at home for your favorite guy with The Wolf Facial Kit. With a charcoal hydrating mask, plus an outstanding cleanser, and moisturizer, he’ll feel like a king. Show him how much you care by giving the gift of relaxation and excellent skin in the comfort of his home. See the Amazon reviews here.

The Spa Treatment

Spa facials done by trained professionals almost always do more than you can at home. Licensed professionals have access to tools and formulas that home users do not. That makes sense because using those tools safely requires a deeper understanding of skin than most people have.

A trained professional can quickly assess skin problems, often from just a look at the surface. For uninitiated men, that can feel like a judgment, even though it’s not. Help a nervous or hesitant man along by showing him how to treat his skin at home instead. By making it into a treat you are giving him, you can help assuage that fear and hesitation.

Another good reason for some of that hesitation is those spa facials aren’t always comfortable. While the massage and steam can feel wonderful, other parts of deep cleaning don’t always feel so good. When a professional removes your blackheads, it often pinches. Meanwhile, at home, facials typically feel nice.

Although men should go and get a professional facial regularly, home treatments can be used more frequently. Every six to eight weeks is best for the spa; however, at least once per season is still helpful. By preparing his skin for seasonal changes, it will help him look and feel better.

Home treatments don’t use the same chemicals and processes. Therefore a gent can use a mask or other at-home facial weekly. In some cases, like massaging scrubbers, these treatments are safe and healthy for daily use. However, even home treatments can be too much of a good thing if not used judiciously. Never use a facial so often it dries out or damages your skin.

What a Gent’s Face Needs from a Facial

There are five to six things a man’s face needs most from his facial. Most guys need oil control, dry patch treatment, soothing for any areas he shaves, proper hydration, exfoliation, and older men need a product that helps with collagen and weathering. While men don’t always care about wrinkles, you can help them reduce the appearance by suggesting products that treat fine lines and wrinkle reduction as well.

Exfoliation for Dead Skin Cells

Removing dead skin is the first thing many people do each day. An excellent exfoliating scrubber or soap is often enough to handle the everyday job. However, facials can help remove excess buildup that is harder to see.

Especially in wrinkles, skin cell buildup makes you look older. Similarly, dead-cells can lead to darker skin patches, making men look blotchy and messy. By using a good exfoliating cleanser and an exfoliating mask, any gent can look and feel much better.


Because they produce more sebum, men’s skin is often extremely oily. Genetics plays a primary role in oil production. Thus it’s vital to make sure you give him facials that remove excess sebum.

Doing this will help reduce blackheads, ingrown hairs, and adult acne. However, it’s also essential to make sure he’s not stripping his skin too dry. Adding an excellent after-care moisturizer will help, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Dry Patches & Hydration

Despite the extra oil, men’s thick skin combined with outdoor activities can lead to dry patches. It’s important to pay attention to any spots where he gets excess dryness. You can avoid those areas with any oil stripping products, or use a combination skin formula.

Additionally, when he’s done with his facial, using a good men’s hydrating lotion is extremely important. Avoiding dry skin is difficult when you shave regularly. Consider recommending a good beard balm kit or hydrating aftershave as well.

Although beard care isn’t the same as a facial, it is a big part of their face. Especially gents who shave daily and those who wear no beards need extra care for their lower face. A good facial can make shaving more comfortable and reduce ingrown hairs and sensitivity.

Collagen & Wrinkles

Men’s and women’s skin ages differently. Because women estrogen levels typically decline around age forty to fifty, we may develop wrinkles sooner. For men, testosterone decreases around age fifty-five for most. However, individual biology also affects people differently.

Regardless, a good collagen builder will help reduce fine lines and slow the onset or progress of wrinkles. A high-quality facial will temporarily help make the skin look and feel younger.

I recommend the Cel Nanotech Stem Cell Face Mask Set for older men’s facials. The hyaluronic acid, Panax ginseng, and glycerin help to increase sub-dermal collagen production. Moreover, these incredible masks help firm, tighten, and hydrate skin. Have Amazon deliver them to your door when you order here


Final Thoughts

For all those gents who are looking forward to a facial, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind. For one, a man should never shave on the same day he has his skin treated. Doing this can leave him feeling raw and oversensitive. No one wants that. Additionally, it’s vital to make sure the product matches the man in question.

Find a scent he likes, and make sure the facial is right for his skin type. Older or younger, beard or clean-shaven, extra dry or very oily skin all make a difference when it comes to choosing a product. Moreover, lots of men prefer unscented products. Whatever his ‘type,’ once a man has had a facial, they’ll rarely look back.

The best and worst thing about getting gents the perfect at-home facial is that they’re sure to want it again. Keep in mind, it’s not good for a man’s skin to get a professional-grade facial more than once every four to six weeks, but they can have a home-spa day quite a bit more often.

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