How Do You Know Where to Put Essential Oils on Your Body?

 how to apply essential oils to feet
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If you are new to essential oils, it is important to know how to use it. This starts with knowing how to apply it and where you can put on your body.

To know where to put essential oils on your body is important because they are very potent substances, so the first thing you must know is where is okay and where is not.

Essential oils are extracted from plants that have vitamins and healing properties that is why they have various uses such as moisturizing, healing and soothing. The tip is to apply the oil on a small part of your body to make sure it will not irritate your skin. If it is all good, you are good to go.

The great thing about essential oils is that they not only have healing properties but also aesthetic ones as well. For example, you can use essential oils to fortify and beautify nearly every part of your body.

Do Not Get Just Any Essential Oil

It is too tempting to google essential oils and purchase the first thing that pops on the screen. This is a big mistake. You have to buy from trusted sources, so you know that is safe to put on your skin.

If you buy a low-quality oil, it may not be completely natural and harm your skin. All the oils below are great quality from trusted sources that will only make your body healthier and more beautiful.

In this article, you are going to learn where to put essential oils on your body and everything else to the point you are going to be an expert yourself.


Your face can benefit a lot from a daily use of essential oils. The skin on your face is one of the most sensitive on your entire body, so it is important to choose fresh fragrances such as peppermint to go easy on your face.

You should apply the oil after you shower, and then, throughout the day. Coconut oil, lavender, and tea tree oils are all great choice to use on your face.

With those oils, you are going to notice a smoother, softer skin within a few days. Try a few and see what best suits your skin needs and your preferences.

The great thing about essential oils is that you have a lot of options to choose from. Which at the end of the day, makes it more fun to try it out.


This is, perhaps, the most common place that people put essential oils on. This has a really simple explanation. Essential oils make your hair more brilliant, strong, healthy and overall beautiful. They have the power to restore the deep part of the hair follicle, making it recover and grow better.

You can apply on your hair throughout the entire day oils such as coconut oils, Argan oil, and grapeseed oil. They not only help with the outside beauty of your hair but also with the health of it.

If you are having hair loss or weak hair problems, essential oils are a great way to fix your problem.


If you are tired of trying to have long, strong, beautiful nails but they break every time or they just do not look healthy, essential oils applied every day can make It better.

With the right oils, you can fortify the cells of your nails, creating more strength, glow, and flexibility in the whole structure of it. The best oil for nails is the almond oil. It penetrates the skin, providing nutrients to make it stronger and recover from preexisting damages you had.

You can also use other oils that also make miracles on the nails such as the Argan oil or even use blends of essential oils that contain olive oil, lavender, and jojoba oil. These blends offer different essential oils in the same product, giving you more than one benefit.

Legs and Arms:

The legs and arms are places that suffer a lot from dryness and cracks, so it is ideal to have oils that moisturize the deep layers of your skin.Great options for that are the coconut oil and the lavender.

They will restore the natural moisture of your legs and arms and give it back its beautiful softness and glow. Legs and arms also suffer from sunburns and skin discoloration.

In this case, I’d recommend that you use Argan oil. Just remember to apply it every day to make sure your skin has time to present visible results.


At this point, I believe it is clear that you can use essential oils anywhere that you have skin, hair or nails. So, for the rest of your body such as your back and belly that are not as sensitive as the face, for example, you can use pretty much any oil.

Our recommendation stays on oils such as the peppermint, eucalypt, lavender, coconut oil and pretty much anything that you want. You can use it not only as a moisturizer but also for baths and massages.

Final Thoughts:

Now, if you are thinking that you can pretty much use essential oils everywhere on your body, you are totally right. As long as you test first to see if your body reacts well to the specific oils you are using, you are good to go.

Essential oils are one of the best things ever because they not only make you more beautiful but they do it while making you healthier.

They are natural products with a potent power to give you real results. Everyone should have their essential oils kit at home and see for themselves what they can do.

This is why it is so important to us that everyone starts to improve their lives by using it every day.

Now if you agree with this, share this article so more people can see for themselves how great essential oils are. Leave a comment sharing your story on how your life improved after using essential oils on your body.


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