Natural Body Transformation Without Supplements: Throwaway The Pills!

Natural Body Transformation Without Supplements

Summer has already passed but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of all motivation in transforming your body. Nowadays, there are a plethora of ways you can do or choose from that may aid in helping you transform your body into a better version that it already is. Supplements are one of them. But there isn’t such thing as magical pills that would transform your body immediately without even putting the effort of trying.

Supplements, even with its flowery promises of drastically changing your body, is still helpful but requires a ton of effort from you too. Most frown upon the entire supplement industry because it offers most an easy way out, that actually leads to nowhere. There should be a balance between supplements and your lifestyle that will guarantee you the results you wanted. The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) even indicated that they are not the ones directly doing the testing for the effectiveness of the supplements being introduced to the market. Which means we are blindly believing the ads that comes with these supplements being released into the market. To read more into this, click here.

But if you’re skeptical about the supplement industry, there are still natural and more effective ways you can do that will help you in your body transformation. The only way for a person to really transform their bodies to the type of body they wanted will always be a well-balanced diet. Habit would be your number one enemy, but can also be your friend in this process. If you’re use to the habit of having dessert after every meal, or even have the habit of always wanting to have some snacks, then that’s one of the ways that will lead to your downfall. But habit can be turned around by applying healthy and natural ways of improving the entirety of your lifestyle. Reading through this article you will be able to find out the natural ways one may change their bodies, naturally and effectively without the use of supplements.

The Key Difference Between Fat Loss & Weight Loss

Before you dwell into the ways you can change your lifestyle that will directly change your body, first one must understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

    • Weight Loss — Technically, weight loss is the sudden decrease of overall body weight, this encompasses muscle, fat, and water.
    • Fat Loss —Fat loss, on the other hand, is the reducing of body fat

If you start losing muscle weight, that is extremely harmful for the body, because muscle supports the entirety of the body structure without it the body’s support will also be lost. Losing water weight is mostly useless, because when water weight shrinks, it’s only a matter of time when it’s going to be filled again. There is a certain amount the body needs when it comes to water in order to function. For men, it is about 3.7 liters of water, while for women it is about 2.7 liters of water. Having all of these information, it is vital that you understand that the way to go is the removal of fat, rather than weight. Only through shedding fat where you can really achieve the beach body look.

Consider Building Muscle

One of the main ways you can transform your body is to build muscle. Contrary to popular belief, building muscle doesn’t really require supplements. You can still build muscle without the effects of it. A few ways that one can build muscle is by joining a sport. As what was indicated before, decreasing fat is the way to go. Only through sports can someone really decrease their body fat while promoting their cardiovascular health.

Another way of building muscle is through weightlifting. Weightlifting is had recently become more popular as it gives a higher health value but has lower injury risks thanks to sports. Weightlifting can indicate a variety of things, one of which is resistance training or even CrossFit. These certain activities adapt weightlifting practices to its programs. People’s opinions on truly transforming their bodies have changed from focusing mainly on cardio to strength training or weightlifting.

Caloric Deficit Is The Main key

You will encounter a ton of diets online. The keto diet, the no-carb diet, no-sugar diet, etc. but what all of these diets have in common is limiting your calories. These fad diets promise you results by avoiding essential macronutrients the body needs like carbohydrates but this shouldn’t be the case. The main focus is on calories.

What are calories?

Calories are the measure of energy you can’t form a certain type of food. The body demands energy in order to function. Whether it be an active function or involuntary body processes like digestion requires energy. Only through calories that these processes function properly. These calories will be stored in your body as fast especially if not used.

If you don’t use these calories, or if you attain more calories than what your body really needs. The fat will accumulate and render you unhealthy. Cutting calories is the way to go. Here are some simple acts of controlling your calories that actually affects the number of calories you intake.

    1. Skipping high-calorie, low-nutrition items
    2. Swapping high-calorie foods for lower-calorie options
    3. Reduction of portion sizes.

Read more about calories and caloric deficits by clicking here.

Simple Tricks That Can Have Drastic Impacts

Now that you’re knowledgeable of the differences in weight loss and fat loss, plus the basic knowledge about a caloric deficit. Here are some practices you can try to follow that are actually already part of your lifestyle, just with added more information that can help you transform your body naturally.

  • Avoid Salty High-Processed foods

Salt is one of the main reasons why your body is retaining more water, which when you start standing on a scale you can clearly see its effects through numbers. High salt is also linked to an increase of body fat, especially in your torso area. We don’t want that now do we?

  • Eat More during Breakfast, and Less During Dinner

Eating more during breakfast will keep you full the almost the entire day, once it’s time for dinner allowing yourself to eat less give your body the opportunity to use the other stored up fat for its processes while you sleep rather than using the food you just ate.

  • No to Soda or Other Colored Beverages

Sugar is not as bad as it seems. But too much sugar has a drastic negative effect on your body. Consider anything soda or colored beverages, these drinks have a lot of sugar and not only that, calories too. Too many calories will always be turned into fat. Don’t forget that.

  • Weight Training + Cardio

The right balance of weight training and cardio is the perfect way to go, do not only focus on one aspect. Both have beneficial effects on the body.

  • Sleep Is A Must

Sleep is the body’s way of refreshing itself from the exercises you went through. Studies show that people who sleep less than seven hours will gain weight over time. Always consider having 8 hours of sleep of more than eight this is vital to body transformation.

Products You Can Use To Help You Transform Your body

Here are some products that you can start purchasing on amazon the twill help you with your body transformation journey.

Fitness Insanity Resistance Bands

Remember what I said about strength training, resistance bands are one of the most effective products that can help you increase your muscle mass. this product is literally a gym-on-the-go or a gym-at-home. These bands have corresponding weights that allow you t do a variety of exercises that you can only do at the gym, which is now made accessible at home. Considering buying a product? Click here now to get the latest pricing from Amazon.

Perfect Fitness Pushup Elite

The act of doing a normal push up on the floor is one of strength training’s vital exercises. This product will allow you to do different levels of difficulty when doing a push up. Learning to do a push up is an effective exercise for your upper body. Check out this product now on Amazon by clicking here.

FitBit Charge 4 Fitness & Activity Tracker

Now, if you already have a program for your training and exercises and also have a plan for your cardiovascular programs, it’s vital that you keep track of it. The Fitbit wristwatch is a best seller on amazon that would help you track the exercises and fitness activities you’ve already accomplished. Applying the natural ways of transforming your body, you would consider this product to help you record the progress you’ve already made. Click here to purchase this product now at Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Now that the world is in quarantine and it’s extremely difficult to do your normal activities outside, it is swimming to consider some ways you can still stay in shape or even change your body indoors. Remember that habit is can be both your enemy or friend. The only way to change your body is through changing your habits, which in turn will affect your lifestyle for the better.

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