How to Use Fragrance Oil on Skin: Smell Amazing All Day

How to Use Fragrance Oil on Skin

Perfume has been used for thousands of years, but fragrance oils are much more recent. Modern technology affords us more choices than ever before, and putting fragrance oil on your skin is one of the sweetest smelling. Regular perfumes can also be incredibly drying. The alcohol content isn’t good for your skin, and it tends to fade a whole lot faster. However, since they’re newer many women don’t know much about wearing fragrance oils. I’ll explain the advantages, and how to use a good fragrance oil for your body safely. The long-lasting scents will impress you, and you’ll smell amazing all day.

How do you use fragrance oil on the skin? Much like any non-spray perfume, fragrance oils should go on pulse points. A drop on the tip of your finger is enough for most areas of the body. Place yours at the base of your throat, insides of your wrists, or behind the ears for a delightful all-day scent that won’t fade after a few minutes as some do. 


Using Fragrance Oils On Your Skin

Using fragrance oils on your skin is a simple process. I’ll give you the steps below for all-day applications, plus a few tips to make it easier.

  1. Choose Your Scent- You can find fragrance oils in every conceivable smell. It’s smart to try two or three at first, but not at the same time. Everyone has unique body chemistry, and what worked amazingly on one person might not be great for the one standing next to them.
  2. Do a Skin Test- Put a drop of your oil on the inside of your wrist. Do not wash it off unless it causes you pain. Then wait twenty-four hours to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.
  3. Clean The Skin- It’s always best to put fragrance on clean, dry skin. You should put on a fragrance oil before adding any lotions because your body will absorb the moisturizer and leave the oil sitting on the surface to wipe away otherwise.
  4. Don’t Mix With Other Smells- You can add your fragrance to unscented lotions and products or use unscented products without adding anything if you’re wearing a fragrance oil. Like perfume, other scented products will dilute and change your desired smell.
  5. Decide Where to Put It- Anywhere you have pulse points on your body works well. Most women opt for the neck, behind the ears, or inside the wrist. However, other options include the inner thighs, crook of the elbow, and even the soles of your feet.
  6. Less is More- Fragrance oils are popular for the strong and lasting scent. Don’t overboard because the smell doesn’t fade as quickly. Choose only one preferred pulse point for your perfume. Pro-Tip: Don’t use the inner thigh or neck if you’re likely to be intimate with anyone that night. Synthetic oils don’t belong in some places. Instead, opt for behind an ear, behind the knee, or the bend of your elbow.
  7. Wash Off After Using- When the day is over, use a good oil remover to get rid of any remaining residue. Alternatively, you can use Dawn or another degreasing dish soap to remove your fragrance oil.

Leaving any oil-based product on your skin overnight can clog your pores. Unfortunately, this can lead to blackheads and zits. Thus you should treat a fragrance oil like makeup and remove it entirely so you can start fresh the next day.

How to Tell Which Fragrance Oils are Safe for Skin

Before you grab any old bottle of fragrance oil and splash it on, there are two different types of fragrance oils. Some are safe for human skin. Meanwhile, others are made for candles and diffusers. You don’t want the wrong product on your body.

The simplest way to tell if your preferred scent is skin-safe is by reading the label. Typically you’ll find all the info you need right there. However, if your label lacks details, as some do, then contact the company and ask.

Most companies are very forthcoming about proper uses for their products. If you don’t get an answer, then choose a different fragrance oil. You should find the company contact information quickly enough online, or even on the packaging.

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Is Fragrance Oil Better Than Perfume

When it comes to putting fragrance oils on your skin, better is a relative term. Plenty of women do prefer them over alcohol-based perfumes or even essential oils. There are four good reasons to opt for fragrance oil instead of its more famous cousins.

Firstly, a high-quality fragrance oil sticks with you. The ability to last for hours is a significant bonus. When you don’t need to reapply, it saves you time and ultimately money as well.

Secondly, you can potentially wear a smell you love even if the original bothers your skin. Women with sensitivities or allergies to their favorite perfumes and essential oils can get the same scent, or something remarkably similar, from a synthetic company. While these lab creations don’t have the same therapeutic qualities as essential oils, the smell is virtually indistinguishable to many people.

Alcohol perfumes have an alcohol smell. Sure, it fades fast enough, but the initial scent can be frankly nasty. Especially if you’re putting on perfume around other people, it can be downright unpleasant for them.

Finally, fragrance oils are created in a laboratory. Depending on the methods used by that lab, your fragrance oil might be more sustainable. After all, real, living plants have to die for essential oils and most perfumes. Meanwhile, laboratory chemicals don’t always come from a tree, flower, or animal source.

Another good example comes from animal-based ingredients. Ambergris comes from whales, and musk typically comes from animal scent glands. If you are vegan and use no animal products, you can still simulate these delightful odors without any living creatures in the mix.

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How do You Dilute Fragrance Oils

Mixing your perfect perfume blend of fragrance oils for your skin is also reasonably straightforward. You’ll need to dilute fragrance oils into a carrier, just as you would with essential oils. By doing this, you save money and create a custom scent like no other.

Carrier oils are generally very mild or odor-free, and should always be safe for your skin. A few good examples are jojoba, olive, avocado, grapeseed, and sweet almond oils. You may even have some of these in your kitchen already.

Choose a very pure oil. It’s important to avoid anything with additional ingredients. Instead, you want to mix with one-hundred-percent unadulterated oils. The general proportion is twelve to one.

You need twelve drops of the carrier to every one drop of fragrance oil. You can change the proportions to suit your own needs. However, I don’t recommend anything above a fifty-fifty blend.

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What You Need to Custom Blend Fragrance Oils

Starting with a suitable carrier oil and your fragrance oil, or oils of choice is a great start. However, for those who have never done this before, there are a few items you may want or need.

Any clean, dry bowl will do but don’t use a plastic bowl you intend to use for food ever again. The fragrance oils might seep into your plastic. Likewise, if you choose wood or stone, make sure you use a dedicated fragrance mixing bowl. Coated ceramics, glass, and metals don’t have the same problem. Nevertheless, it’s wise to use a non-food mixing bowl.

You will also need somewhere to put your creation when you’re done blending. I suggest getting multiple options. A standard empty perfume bottle works well. Similarly, you might want a spray or roll-on bottle for easy carry in a purse or while traveling.

Special small plastic droppers and very tiny funnels are also helpful. It’s challenging to get an exact number of drops from some bottles. Sadly, it’s also incredibly vexing to pour oil into a small opening without this particular device.

Make sure you get a set of tiny droppers and do not crosscontaminate your bottles. On dropper for each type of oil will keep your scents pure. Doing this is especially vital for any oils you use for making food as well. For example, you do not want synthetic fragrance oil in your kitchen, olive oil bottles.

Lastly, I also advise keeping a damp cloth that you don’t mind ruining on hand for wiping up. Wash that cloth by hand separate from any laundry as oil can stain clothing. With a little practice and patience, you won’t need this cloth very often.


Final Thoughts

Fragrance oils on your skin are a great way to smell fantastic all day. Lab-created scents are more versatile than natural essential oils. Moreover, they’re available in almost any scent you can imagine.

Because they don’t use alcohol like traditional perfume, the dry down on fragrance oils takes much longer, the heat from your skin won’t affect the oils the same as they would a more diluted product. That means you smell better for longer.

Women who want to have a fragrance that doesn’t come from essential oils, like leather or cotton candy should look into fragrance oils. Stock up on a few favorites, or blend your own incredible mix for a lasting perfume.


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