How to Get Rid of Black Lips From Smoking: Get Your Smile Back

How to Get Rid of Black Lips From Smoking

If you’ve been smoking for a while and your lips just aren’t as rosy as they once were, there’s no doubt that cigarettes are to blame. Naturally, we all know quitting would help the most, but is there anything else you can do about the darkened skin? Of course, there are multiple methods, and I’ll give you several great options. From treatments that add color to exfoliants and other alternatives, you don’t have to live with smokers’ lips. Even if you keep smoking, there are ways to minimize the appearance of damage. Moreover, you might be surprised at how easy some of these tricks are to accomplish. You may even have what you need at home already. Once you know how to get rid of black lips from smoking, you’ll be smiling again in no time. However, bear in mind that you’ll need to keep up the lip treatments, or the discoloration will come back.


What Causes Black Lips from Smoking

Before we can tackle getting rid of those so-called black lips from smoking, it helps to know what’s going on. Firstly, it’s essential to understand that ‘lip blackening’ doesn’t literally mean they become black like Halloween lipstick. Instead, your lips darken, look ashy, gray, brown, or yellow. The overall effect depends on your level of smoking and likely your natural skin color, among other factors.

You may have noticed the lips aren’t the only area that can suffer a color change from nicotine products. The area around your mouth and even your fingers may also have a yellowish tint. Moreover, your teeth and tongue can also get a yellow or brown coloration over time.

That yellow comes from the tar inside your cigarettes. It’s a misnomer to say these are ‘nicotine’ stains. Instead, they’re a result of the tobacco tar carried within the smoke itself. Get into the habit of washing with mild, moisturizing soap after every smoke break to combat that yellow.

Unfortunately, tar isn’t the only downside to tobacco smoke. Most brands of cigarettes also have more than seven hundred additives. Many of these are a part of the paper rather than the tobacco, but regardless, they’re affecting your mouth.

Speaking of the paper, burning and carcinogens contribute to the way cigarettes affect your lips, and the skin of your face. Melanin is a natural solution to heat and burn-prevention. That’s why people near the equator have darker skin, and why lighter-skinned people freckle in the sun. Your lips might be gaining melanin to help with the heat.

Lastly, capillaries and your circulatory system could be a big part of the problem. For one thing, burst capillaries near the surface of your lips can cause darkening. Additionally, tar in your lungs and smoke both reduce your oxygen intake. Less oxygen can undoubtedly reduce that pink, healthy color to your lips.

How to Lighten Dark Smokers Lips

Sometimes a little exfoliation is all you need to get rid of black lips from smoking. Moreover, there are ways to keep more tar off your lips. The following four methods help keep buildup from your smile.

Cigarette Holder

You’ve probably seen Hollywood starlets from bygone eras smoke through a long elegant cigarette holder. However, it might surprise you to know that you don’t need anything that long. Using a cigarette holder helps catch some of the excess tar and keeps a lot of smoke further from your face.

You can opt for several styles. The grippers only keep tar off your hands. However, more extended standard cigarette holders can be difficult to clean. Even a pipe cleaner has its limits. Additionally, you’ll find options with and without spring-mounted auto-ejector for the butts.

For the simplest solution, I recommend TarGard Original Disposable Cigarette Filters from Amazon. There’s nothing to clean because they’re disposable. A little added distance from your face combined with some extra tar removal can make a big difference. Moreover, these are great for anyone who isn’t sure if they’ll like a regular cigarette holder. To get a pack, simply click here

Using a cigarette holder is quick and straightforward. You place your cigarette in the end. After that, all you need to do is light and inhale as normal. Some of that tar will collect inside, reducing your intake and keeping your lips off the cigarette filter.

Lemon Juice

Most women have heard of lemon juice for highlighting hair or getting rid of dark spots on their skin. It works. Intriguingly, it can also work on your darkened lips. All you need is a lemon, and you’re set.

Put the lemon juice on your lips before bed. You’ll need to leave it overnight, and multiple treatments are necessary. However, the citric acid will help lighten your lips over time if you don’t mind the flavor.

Lip Scrub

Pre-made lip scrubs are a great way to get rid of dead skin and stains on your lips. In a pinch, you can DIY with some regular sugar and a few drops of olive oil. Most of us have these ingredients around the house. However, sugar isn’t the only way to exfoliate lips.

For more exotic ingredients like charcoal, oatmeal powder, and even volcanic rock powder (pumice), the medicine cabinet or pantry is often sadly lacking. Each element has it’s own benefits. For example, charcoal exfoliant helps pull toxins, like nicotine, out of your body.

The ILIA Organic Lip Exfoliator Balmy Nights from Amazon is cruelty and gluten-free. By combining the perfect blend of volcanic rock, you get a superb buffer to remove dead skin cells. Revealing the healthy skin beneath will give your lips a fresh beauty, plus the balm helps keep your lips soft. Find out more by clicking here


Do you want to ditch all the nasty extra chemicals and a lot of that tar? Why not switch to vaping? You’ll still get your nicotine, but without burning paper and all the chemicals that come with regular cigarettes. Another option is to use non-nicotine vapes to help curb the craving to smoke.

Lip Mask

For an excellent pre or post exfoliation solution, try adding an overnight lip mask. Rehydrating your lips thoroughly will help reduce the damages done by smoking. Burst capillaries will heal faster if your overall lips are healthier. Moreover, your mouth will feel better and more supple.

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask from Amazon is an ideal way to rehydrate damaged smokers’ lips. Best of all, this six-pack means you can carry one in your purse or travel bag easily. The only downside to a lip mask this good is the knock off sellers. Get an authentic Laneige Lip Mask right here


Make Your Lips Pink Again

Unfortunately, exfoliation isn’t always enough to get rid of lip blackening from smoking. When that’s the case, a little natural re-coloring is ideal. Lipsticks and tinted balms work as well. However, they often have questionable ingredients. Moreover, the effects are typically very temporary.

Although these techniques have fallen out of fashion down the centuries, they work beautifully. You can re-color your lips once or twice a week and have a lovely pink even when using clear chapstick. Plus, you’ll always know what ingredients went onto your lips.


The deep, rich tones of beets make an outstanding dye for clothing. Beetroot powder has been a part of women’s cosmetics for so long it would be hard to know who first used it to create natural pinks. Best of all, the beet is packed with vitamin C and has many benefits for your skin.

To get a natural beet-colored blush into those freshly exfoliated lips, you will need only four things. Get a cotton swab, a beet, a small grater, and a bowl. By grating just a tiny amount of beet, you will get all the color you need. Beetroot juice is very vivid. However, I suggest wearing gloves to avoid staining your fingertips as well.

Use the cotton swab to apply the juice from the beet to your lips and leave it on for about an hour before washing, eating, or drinking. To dilute the color, add a drop of purified water at a time to your few shreds of beet.

Similarly, you can cut a small piece of beet and put it in a bowl with a few drops of water. Leave this to soak for a few minutes before applying your diluted beet juice. Luckily, you can do this as often as you like, so it’s easy to add color.


Have you got a rosebush? You can use those red or pink roses to moisturize and re-stain your lips. To do this trick, you’ll need to either mince or crush fresh rose petals. Be careful not to use petals from chemically treated bushes.

Take your crushed petals, add a few drops of cream, and a drop or two of honey. Muddle that around into a paste. Finally, you can apply this paste to your lips like a lip mask for color.


Final Thoughts

The addictive quality of cigarettes makes it incredibly hard to quit, but there are plenty of alternative ways to get rid of black lips from smoking. Using any of the methods outlined above will help you to remove discoloration. Don’t lose your smile.

Once you’ve dealt with the darkened skin, making those lips rosy again is no trouble. You don’t need lipstick or even tinted chapstick to pink-up your pout. Using natural solutions is a great way to combat nicotine damages.

Deciding when and whether to quit smoking is up to you. In the meantime, use any or all of these tips and tricks to make your lips look like they’ve never seen a cigarette.

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