The Best Essential Oils for Crow’s Feet (5 for a Youthful You)

Essential oils are packed with anti-aging properties. They directly fight the main causes of premature aging, which is why many serums and creams add essential oils for crow’s feet.

While they are often used in expensive creams and serums, it is usually alongside unnatural ingredients that can leave your skin clogged, poorly nourished, and increasingly aging.

In fact, one of the key causes of premature aging is clogged pores. Using a cream that will clog your pores will speed up aging. This is because clogged pores cause low nutrient absorption—another leading cause of wrinkles like crow’s feet.

Other factors include a lifetime of exposure to and damage from the sun’s intense UV rays. Over time, these factors and aging risks cause a loss of skin elasticity, diminished collagen production, and a low rate of cell growth in the skin.

Essential Oils and Aging

Bringing nutrients to the skin without clogging pores, essential oils form a natural protective barrier against sun damage. Additionally, the oils add antioxidants and moisture to the skin to help it repair and replenish its natural beauty.

Finally, essential oils boost youthful collagen production as well as overall elasticity.

All these effects minimize fine lines and wrinkles by creating collagen, increasing elasticity, and encouraging the skin to grow with added moisture and plenty of antioxidants.

Antioxidants allow the oils to reduce sun, pollutant, and other damage by penetrating deep into the skin and stimulating skin growth.

There are many essential oils that work well for wrinkles like crow’s feet. All the essential oils chosen for this top list can feed, heal, and protect the skin naturally—unlike pore-clogging creams and over-priced serums.

Choose the one you think is the best combination of nutrients, antioxidants, and overall protection.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Crow’s Feet

1. Eden’s Garden Lemon Essential Oil

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Not only a mood elevating oil, this guaranteed-fresh lemon essential oil can prevent wrinkles around the eyes. Lemon oil is packed with Vitamin C. Vitamin C naturally fights free radicals that are responsible for the exaggeration of fine lines and wrinkles like crow’s feet.

A daily application of lemon oil to undernourished areas of the skin will also rejuvenate the application area by penetrating deep into the skin and clearing away your skin’s symptoms of stress.

Eden’s Garden Essential Lemon Oil is sourced from Italy and promises that multiple tests certify its potency and power to reverse aging. A therapy-grade oil, this 100% pure oil is made through steam distilling and cold pressing for maximum strength.

2. NOW Solutions Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Sandalwood is a great choice of essential oil if you have noticed signs of aging and mature skin. As an essential oil, sandalwood has ultra-moisturizing effects that smooth the skin and diminish signs of aging.

As studies have shown its effectiveness as protecting wearers from skin cancer, it may also form a barrier between the wearer and harsh rays from the sun.

NOW Solutions’ Sandalwood Essential Oil Blend is made only through steam distilling the wood, bark, and roots of the plant. The 100% sandalwood and jojoba blend makes for a floral and fruity aroma that grounds focuses, and balances those who enjoy it in a diffuser. NOW Solutions promises its purity.

3. Vitruvi Organic Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender—an essential oil with many health-enhancing properties—can reduce the appearance of aging and rejuvenate your look. Helping to soothe and nourish tired skin, lavender oil bursts with antioxidants that penetrate and defend your skin from stress.

By reducing psychological fatigue and emotional angst, inhaling lavender oil may also reduce wrinkling by relaxing your body’s muscles and tension.

Vitruvi’s 100% organic essential oil is undiluted and sourced from France. Whether you use this to reduce wrinkling stress or apply it directly to your skin to fight aging free radicals, lavender is on your side and a great addition to any bedtime cosmetic ritual.

4. Essential Oil Labs’ Frankincense Essential Oil

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Promoting the growth of new skin cells, protecting your skin’s elasticity, and firming all at once—frankincense is an essential oil for reducing age spots and increasing youthfulness.

Frankincense helps prevent aging and fine lines like crow’s feet overall as part of a daily skincare regimen. Additionally, the health benefits of frankincense include greater relaxation, more rapid healing of the skin, and better respiratory function.

Essential Oil Labs’ Frankincense Essential Oil is 100% pure, undiluted, and natural. The formulation of the oil is free of chemicals and fillers meaning the bottle will go a long way. Each application of this concentrated brand requires a few small drops. Finally, it is entirely sourced from sustainable farms.

5. Plant Guru Patchouli Essential Oil

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A natural anti-wrinkle compound, patchouli oil is most effective for protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh and damaging rays.

Additionally, the oil has been recognized for hundreds of years as an anti-inflammatory which protects your skin from bacterial growth. It has a firming and protecting effect when directly applied as well as the ability to heal acne, scars, and abrasions.

Promising strict quality control and essential oils of superior quality, Plant Guru’s Patchouli Essential Oil is therapy-grade as well as 100% pure and natural. There are no added ingredients in its formula or any synthetic, chemical, or carrier additives.

Final Thoughts

Risks to your skin come from all directions. Your skin is damaged and wrinkled by the sun’s harsh light, by clogged pores, low nutrient absorption, and diminishing elasticity and collagen production.

Without protection from smooth, no-clogging skin care ingredients, your crow’s feet and other wrinkles will continue to deepen and exaggerate themselves if left untreated.

Since chemically-engineered creams and serums can clog your skin and cause low nutrient absorption, essential oils are the first choice for many. People choose to add essential oils to their daily skin care regimen to nourish, protect, and heal their skin.

Some of the best essential oils for crow’s feet are available in this top list. Consider which one you think is ideal for your unique combination of skin stressors and needs.

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