Essential Oils for Anxiety

assortment of essential oils, lavender candles and towel.

Essential Oils for Anxiety: Get Rid of This Emotional Disorder Naturally

If you are always worried about future events and if such behavior is already affecting the quality of your life, you might want to try using essential oils for anxiety.

Anxiety disorder is a condition wherein you constantly feel afraid or you constantly worry about various things, such as future events. For some people, they can easily get rid of these fears by willing their mind to defeat it and by focusing on their strengths instead of their weakness.

Mind power can be very powerful and you will be surprised how being your own fan can actually boost your confidence and hence help you get rid of your anxiety. This does not work for everyone, though. There are people who are so gripped with fear that they can no longer function normally.

This could be caused by too much stress or by events in the past that have traumatized them. Every time their anxieties attack, they can feel their muscles becoming tensed, they can experience heavy sweating, and some may even become paranoid and have trouble sleeping.

This is why, for severe and persistent anxiety, people are advised to seek professional help so that their anxieties will not develop into depression over their sad conditions. Psychiatrists, however, often resort to prescription drugs to treat anxiety. These are drugs that help calm you down and unfortunately most of them have bad side effects.

If in case you are suffering from anxiety yet do not want to use prescription drugs, you may try using essential oils to treat anxiety.

The Power of Scents

According to studies, certain scents can make people happy. This is partly because some people connect these scents to events in the past that bring back good memories. It is also because essential oils are very volatile and their tiny molecules are able to penetrate across the blood/brain barrier, allowing them to affect parts of the brain that are in control of emotions and moods.

Hence, if you have been using essential oils for headaches or for refreshing your room, you can also now use it to make you happy and calm your senses, or in other words improve your emotional health.

Frankincense Essential Oil – This oil was actually studied in the John Hopkins University and their conclusion was that burning this can reach certain receptors in the brain that can alleviate depression and anxiety.

Patchouli Essential Oil – When anxiety attacks, you often lose balance and so you become focused on the bad and that can make you terrified to high levels. Patchouli oil can help you regain balance because it stabilizes the mind and it also has a cheering effect so that you can focus on the happy things and not the bad.

Lavender Essential Oil – This oil is known for its calming effect, which is why it is a favorite ingredient in spa products. There was even a study where it was given to patients with anxiety disorders and the result showed that it helped improve symptoms associated with the condition, such as insomnia and restlessness. It is almost as effective as anti-anxiety drugs.

Lemon Essential Oil – If there is one word that can best describe the scent of lemon it would be happy. It is so vibrant and uplifting that even a whiff of it can make a sour mood become joyful.

Bergamot Essential Oil – The scent of this oil can help release any pent up emotions that you may have. It can also energize you thus make you become more productive and focus on good things instead of brooding in the corner and multiplying your nervousness.

Wild Orange Essential Oil – Just like lemon, this oil can lift up your mood so that you can focus on being happy rather than being afraid. It helps you get rid of all the negativity and replace those feelings with positive things and prospects.

How to Use Essential Oils to Get Rid of Anxiety

Since the mere scents of these oils can help alleviate feelings of nervousness, fear, tension, and stress, you can use an assortment of essential oils, lavender candles and a towel. Simply use them as an aromatherapy to cure your anxiety. Try rubbing a few drops of these oils in your hands to warm it a bit and then cup your hands on your nose.

Take slow breaths to inhale the lovely scents that contain substances that can allay your fears.

You can also rub the oil over your body. Try it with a relaxing massage or simply blend it with your lotion and body creams.

For best results, rub the oil on your chest, neck, behind your ears, and on your wrists.

If your anxiety is really stressing you out, calm your body and senses with a warm bath. Add a few drops of essential oil on your bath water and take your time to soak in it as you try to empty your mind of all the negativity that are making your body tensed.

Finally, you can even ingest some of these oils. For instance, you can add two drops of lemon oil on a glass of drinking water and you may add wild orange essential oil to a food recipe that asks for a citrus flavor.

These essential oils for anxiety will work wonders on your mood and emotions. You will be amazed to find out that sometimes the best cure for your condition can be literally under your nose in the form of these scented oils.

There will be no need to go to a psychiatrist or waste money on medications that can even harm your body. All you need is to stay in the comfort of your home and treat yourself to the health benefits of these wondrous oils.

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