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Essential Oil Diffuser: How to Make One from Scratch

When shopping for an essential oil diffuser, you will find out that there are plenty of designs to choose from and more often than not you may need more than one for your various needs. If you want to avoid spending too much or if you want an oil diffuser with a personal touch, you can always make your own homemade oil diffuser and you will be surprised at how easy this can be done. Herewith are a few designs that you may want to follow with instructions on how to make them. One of these may turn out to be the best essential oil diffuser for your particular need.

Simple Reed Diffuser

This type of diffuser uses diffuser reeds that will draw up the oil from the container. All you need for this is a container of your choice (for example are attractive jars) and some reeds. To make the oils evaporate faster, you would need to add carrier, like alcohol or water. In some cases, vodka works too. You may also try carrier oils, like almond oil or safflower oil. If you are using alcohol or vodka, just fill the jar with ¼ cup alcohol and add about 20 drops of essential oil, enough to make a distinct scent when it evaporates, then place the reed so that one end touches the liquid. If you are using a carrier oil, the ideal proportion is 70% carrier oil and 30% essential oil. As an alternative, you can use a skewer or a bamboo stalk in place of the reed.

Pumice Stone Oil Diffuser

Pumice stones can help lock in the oil in its slightly rough surface so that it stays in there as it slowly evaporates to the surrounding air. All you need for this DIY oil diffuser are some pumice stones, which are usually available in gardening stores. Pick any size or color that you like. Place these stones inside a mesh bag but make sure that you have cleaned them thoroughly and dried them first. Tie the mesh bag close and pour about 20 to 30 drops of essential oil through it. The mesh bag will help control the diffusion of the oil and it also keeps your stones together. You can make several of these and place them in various areas of your homes, like in your night table, on top of your coffee table, or even in your closets.

Necklace Diffuser

Oil diffusers are not restricted for home use. You can even wear them around so that you can constantly enjoy the therapeutic scent of the oil that you choose to use. One way to do this is by making a necklace diffuser. For this project, you will need an air dry clay. This is where you will pour the oil and this clay can keep the scent for several days depending on the staying power of the oils that you use. To make this, find an air dry clay of your desired color. Roll this into about ¼ inch thickness and then cut with a cookie cutter or any cutter that you can find with the shape that you like. This will serve as your pendant. Before it dries, make sure that you have placed a hole in it for thestring. You may also add other designs on the surface. Let your creativity work. Wait for the clay to dry thoroughly, which may take a couple of days. Once dry, slightly sand the edges to make it smooth. You can now string the pendant to your desired length. You can also add more beads to make your necklace attractive. To apply the essential oil, make sure that you drop the liquid on the side of the pendant that does not touch your skin.

Car Diffuser

Most car diffusers that you can buy in the store require you to plug it in your car’s cigarette lighter or USB port because they use heat to evaporate the oil. Here is an alternative idea that makes use of materials that you already have at home. What you will need for this are: clothespin, cork, glue, and some craft materials. For the simplest version, just cut the cork to the width of the clothespin. It may cover the entire length of the pin or it may not. Glue that cork on the pin and pour the oil on it then clip the pin on your car’s vent. To add some design, you can use ribbons or craft papers to cut out various shapes (for example are smiley faces, butterflies, cartoon characters, etc.) and attach it on the other end of the pin.

An essential oil diffuser need not be expensive if you know how to make one from scratch using materials that are readily available in your homes. The best thing about this project is that you can customize your oil diffusers to express your style and personality. You may even make these as gifts to your friends. Just add a bottle of their favorite essential oil in the box and they will surely be delighted with your gift.

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