Do Candles Get Rid of Smoke Smell: Clear the Air Faster

Do Candles Get Rid of Smoke Smell

From accidentally burning dinner to smokers who want their rental deposit back, getting rid of the smoke smell is a priority. Can you really do that with a simple candle? We’ve all seen so-called smoke odor removers, and plenty of them do nothing but add a scent to the smoke smell. That’s not going to help. Moreover, it can make the smell even worse, plus some candles smoke a lot when you put them out. However, not all products are created equal. Fortunately, some candles genuinely help get rid of the smoke smell in your house. After years of experimenting, I hit on a few solutions that work surprisingly well. Whatever your reason for wanting that smoke smell gone, you don’t have to live with it anymore. I’ll show you which candles do the best job so you can live smoke-free.

Do candles get rid of smoke smell? Candles do get rid of the smoke smell. However, not all candles will work. A standard scented candle isn’t going to take anything out of the air for you. Luckily, there are some incredible anti-smoke candles available these days, and they do get rid of that nasty clinging scent. 


Candles Can Get Rid of the Smoke Smell

Just because candles can get rid of the smoke smell, doesn’t mean they all do. Getting the right type of anti-odor candle is essential. Unfortunately, just as perfume doesn’t get rid of smelly armpits, the wrong candles will only add to the problem, or at best, mask it for a few moments.

First, you need to determine how much smoke odor you need to deal with. Getting rid of some over-done toast is not the same as having a fire in the kitchen, or taking over a place where a heavy indoor smoker lived for years. Primarily if you are used to the smell, you may not notice it, or you may not realize just how bad the odor is for most people.

If the smoke smell is brand new, you need to act quickly. For example, if a rude guest lit a cigarette indoors without asking, then a smokers’ candle is a superb solution. Ventilate the area right away for a few minutes. Then light a candle.

I strongly recommend Lord Byron Smoker’s Odor Absorbing Candles from Amazon. The natural oils don’t add a nasty chemical smell to your home. Additionally, each candle can burn for up to fifty hours. That will get rid of a lot of stubborn smoke odors. Find out more by clicking here. 

If you’re fortunate, the smoke hasn’t gotten into your curtains or carpets. In that case, a candle might be all you need.

How do You Get Rid of Smoke Smell Fast

Start with better ventilation. Big or small, smoke odors linger in stagnant air. Open your windows, turn on vent fans and even open up all the doors. Turn on any ceiling fans, and set oscillating fans around the house.

Once you have the air moving, much of the smoky smell will dissipate. However, this isn’t a permanent fix for deeper odors. Moreover, some of that smokey smell will linger because it settles on fabrics and even hard surfaces.

Allow your home to create for at least ten minutes. An hour or two is better, but when time is of the essence, a quick blow out and oxygen exchange will do. After that, light your candles. The variety made for smokers works exceptionally well regardless of the type of smoke.

Give any surfaces near the cause of your smoky scent a quick scrub. Use white vinegar to help remove the unpleasant smells. You may need to vent again briefly to get rid of the pickle-like smell from your vinegar, but it’s worth it.

Hopefully, your temporary smoke smell will be gone after this step. If not, then regrettably, that is a lingering scent, and you’ll need more drastic measures to eradicate it. Don’t despair. I’ll help you get even the most stubborn smoke smells out.


Getting Rid of Smoke Residue Around the House

When a candle alone isn’t enough to completely rid you of that burning scent-sation, it’s time to take things to the next level. Fabrics are often the culprit when odors linger, so we’ll start there. Look around and identify your guilty odor-holders.

Carpets, doilies, curtains, fabric chairs, rugs, and couches are just a few examples of places that nasty smoke odors hang out. I always recommend Scotchguard or a similar product for fabrics. Using a stain repellant will help keep more than wine or Koolaid out of your favorite couch. The same goes for chairs.

However, you need to steam clean the smoke smells out of fabric furniture before you seal it. Likewise, you may need to take that seamer to your carpets. A handheld steamer is most accessible, but work with what you have, or rent a steam cleaner.

Anything you can wash by hand, or put in the machine needs to get a thorough cleaning. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda and let things soak for an hour before you wash. The baking soda will help absorb odors.

For an added boost, you can sprinkle baking soda on soft surfaces and let it absorb odors for a few hours before you clean. Some people find that activated charcoal bags placed around the home help to absorb lingering smells.

Hard Surfaces

When it comes to tables, counters, and walls, you need a different solution. For tables and countertops, a good cleaning with some vinegar and mild detergent in hot water will do the trick. Painted walls often work the same way. However, if you have wallpaper, wooden panels, or unique paints like murals, you may need to check with a specialty home store to find the best and safest odor eliminating options.

Marble floors and counters have a special cleaner. I recommend using products formulated for your surfaces. Plastics and metal surfaces also require specialized cleaners, notably chrome can be temperamental and requires a unique cleaner.

Treat vinyl and laminate flooring like a table and use the mild detergent and vinegar combination for mopping. Make sure you use a mop with pads and change them frequently. Old fashioned rag mops and sponge mops only smear the problem around no matter how much you think you rinsed them off.

Those with cement floors have a unique surface to contend with. Use an enzyme cleaner, like those that remove pet odors to help break up and rinse away that set-in smoke smell. You may need more than one round of washing to get rid of it completely.

Don’t forget to wipe down smaller surfaces. The sides and shades of lamps, televisions, and anywhere dust collects will also hold smoky odors. Shelves are often overlooked. To eradicate your smell, you need to deep clean the whole house.

Finally, add an excellent anti-smoke candle in every affected room with a pair of Orange Lemon Splash Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles. A bonus car odor eliminator for smoke and nasty smells in the car works wonders. Plus, you’ll love the light, fresh citrus scent. Have Amazon deliver to your door by clicking here

Remove Deep Set Smoke Smells Forever

Clearing the air of a smoke smell with a candle will undoubtedly help the situation. However, when there’s been a fire or someone smoked cigarettes indoors, you have more to contend with than usual. A little burnt bacon typically needs ventilation and a short time, but deep set-in smoke requires a lot more effort to remove. The good news is that it’s still possible.

It’s important to understand that deep-set smoke will not go away. No amount of ventilation will get rid of the lingering effects of a house fire or years of cigarettes.  Start with fresh air and candles, then determine what else still has a lingering odor.

You want a smoke eliminating candle for every effected room like the delightfully refreshing Smoke Odor Exterminator Jar Candles. Cleaning the surfaces will help prevent more smoke smell from rising, but it doesn’t clear the air. The unique enzyme formula in these clever candles gets rid of lingering scent molecules. See the Amazon reviews for yourself right here

Depending on how much smoke and how long it has been there, the most extreme measures can still save furniture or even an entire house. When you’ve scrubbed, washed, deodorized, and burned your candles, but that smell keeps coming back, it’s time to replace a few parts.

Carpet pads and subflooring are a place to start. Old particle board and foam padding are notoriously tricky to clean. Similarly, you can reupholster and replace cushions in beloved furniture.

Wallpaper and paint present a unique challenge. When smoke permeates these wall coverings, you may need to strip them and apply a fresh coat. Even the worst smelling homes can get clean again with enough effort. High-quality anti-smoke candles will handle the airborne issues neatly, but your surfaces need cleaning as well.

Final Thoughts

Candles can get rid of smoke smells in your home. Unfortunately, most scented candles aren’t made to eliminate odors. So long as you choose top quality anti-smoke candles, they will help you breathe easily again. However, you always need to ventilate first.

For set-in smoke smells on your surfaces, clean according to the specific material. Remember to wipe picture frames and wall hangings as well. Using baking soda, activated charcoal, and vinegar will help you wipe off those lingering odor issues.

No one should have to live in a stinky home. If the amount of smoke is small, some fresh air and a candle are all you need.

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