Can You Use Bath Bombs and Bath Salts Together: Bathe Better Now

Can You Use Bath Bombs and Bath Salts Together

Bath bombs are fizzy and delightful, plus they smell lovely and contain ingredients that soften your skin. Meanwhile, bath salts help you relax and draw out toxins, but should you use both? Some products cancel each other out, and it would be a waste to accidentally get rid of the benefits of your favorite bomb and your best bath salts without knowing it. Is that a serious concern? I’ve been blending my own skincare products for over a decade, so I’ll walk you through how each one works and explain why they aren’t always packaged together as one product. Fortunately, once you understand how and why bath bombs and salts benefit your body, you can use the right product or products for your best baths ever. The good news is that you can get everything you love from both.

Can you use bath bombs and bath salts together? You can use bath bombs and bath salts together. Moreover, you can get fantastic bath bombs with the salts already included inside. To get the best of both try combining your favorites for a relaxing and delightful bathing experience. 


How Do Bath Salts Work

Combining your favorite bath salts and your best bath bomb is delightful, but what are those salts useful for? Bath salts have been used for generations to help relax muscles. Moreover, they are also reputed to remove toxins and reduce stress levels.

Most bath salts are typically Epsom, Dead Sea or Himalayan. Each has its unique uses and very few drawbacks. Just as you can mix bath bombs and salts, I recommend mixing your bath salts to get as much benefit out of your tub as possible.

Epsom Bath Salts

Since Epsom is made from magnesium sulfate, it dissolves into both magnesium and sulfates inside your bath. In theory, these are absorbed by your skin. As a result, you get all the benefits while also taking a hot relaxing bath.

Magnesium is a part of more than three hundred vital biochemical reactions within your body. Among its many benefits are immune system boosting, steadying your heartbeats, adjusting blood glucose, and maintaining healthy nerve functions. Resultantly, you need magnesium.

Himalayan Bath Salt

Himalayan salts are held in high regard worldwide. The purity and many uses for these mountain salt deposits are varied and often infused with myth and a sense of magic. It’s no wonder people want to bathe in them.

Sadly, I cannot vouch for the mystical properties of Himalayan bath salts. However, I can confirm that Himalayan salt contains eighty-four trace minerals. Moreover, salt is an electrolyte that plays a critical role in many parts of the body.

If you want clearer skin or a soak that is good for strengthening your bones, Himalayan bath salts are a great choice. Plus, dissolving salt into the water makes it easier for your body to absorb the minerals inside. Your skin is, after all, the largest organ of your entire body.

Choose a romantic and sensuously pink Province Beauty Himalayan Bath Salt with rosebuds. The ylang-ylang and grapefruit oils make this sweet treat into an invigorating and uplifting bath addition for any day. To have yours delivered to your doorstep from Amazon, click here.

Dead Sea Salts

Dead sea salts are comprised of twenty-one minerals. Like Epsom, magnesium is among the benefits of this bath salt. Although it’s not a perfect analogy, I would say Dead Sea bath salts are a bit like combining Epsom and Magnesium.

This particular, highly sought after salt is known for its skin cleansing effects. You’ll also find Dead Sea salt face masks, and body washes. Additionally, this salt is known for detoxifying the body, especially the muscles, and aiding in cell restoration. However, the point of origin can significantly impact the efficacy of this bath salt.

A high-quality option like Thena Natural Wellness Organic Muscle Soak from Amazon will show you the relaxing and healing powers of Dead Sea bath salts. With arnica for swelling and pain, plus peppermint for headaches and cool soothing, you’ll love this luxuriant soak. Check out the superb reviews right here.

Epsom & Bath Salt Warnings

Unfortunately, you can get too much of a good thing. It may not be the best idea to use bath salt containing bath bombs along with your bath salts. Though rare, you can get a magnesium overdose. Hence, it is vital not to lose track of time while soaking.

The proper length of an Epsom or magnesium soak is about fifteen minutes. The signs of an overdose are as follows:  Mild magnesium overdose can create flushed skin, headaches, lightheadedness, and nausea. Extreme cases of magnesium overdose, “can lead to heart problems, coma, paralysis, and death,” according to

It’s vital to pay attention to the dosage amounts on a bath salt container, and to your doctor. Bath salts are not good for people who take multivitamin supplements containing magnesium. Also, set a timer if you’re concerned about overdoing it.

Because there’s more magnesium in most Epsom than in either Dead Sea Salt or Himalayan salts, you may want to choose these options instead. Especially if you already take magnesium orally for health reasons, avoid excess magnesium in the bath.


What is Inside a Bath Bomb

The primary ingredient in bath bombs is baking soda, though Epsom salts and other bath salts are often included as well. Baking soda is a beneficial cleansing agent. Moreover, people who have been in radiation therapy are regularly instructed to take baking soda baths to help remove radiation from the body. Naturally, you don’t need an excuse to use a bath bomb, but it’s good to know anyhow.

Other ingredients commonly used in bath bombs are citric acid, oils, and coloring agents. Depending on the particular bath bomb you use, these may include essential oils found in aromatherapy, synthetic fragrance oils, carrier oils like jojoba, and either natural or synthetic colors.

The reason your skin feels so soft after bathing with a bath bomb is because of the emollients it adds to your bathwater. Moreover, adding a softening bath bomb into a tub with bath salts increases salts’ effectiveness. Bath bombs with essential oils have the added benefit of a pleasant aroma or even aromatherapy qualities.

Ingredients in bath bombs vary widely, but they can include many fragrant oils that help skin, promote mental health and reduce swelling and pain. Choose a bath bomb that does more. Seek out ingredient lists and go for high-quality natural bombs.

For a delightful bathing experience, try the Beauty By Earth Large Organic Gift Set. Not only are these incredible bombs made in the USA, but they use natural essential oils for the scents. Plus you get a thirty-day guarantee and a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee as well. Find out more on Amazon when you click here.


Using Bath Bombs & Bath Salts Together

You don’t have to use bath bombs and bath salts together, but you should. Typically a bath bomb has a higher concentration of aroma than your bath salts, even when those salts are scented. Adding more aromatherapy will help you relax into your bath. You are thus allowing the salts to do their best work on your muscles, so you feel invigorated.

Combining the emollient and cleansing qualities of a good bath bomb with the mineral benefits of an outstanding bath salt is a smart use of your time and ingredients. You can reap all the rewards without needing to double down on bath time. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking more baths.

Take The Best Bath Ever

If you’re seeking the holy grail of perfect bathing, then using both bath bombs and bath salts can help you achieve your goal. While everyone is a little different, a few smart tips will help you out. Use these bath-hacks to get the most out of your bathtime:

  • Hot baths are great but don’t go too hot. You’re not trying to steam off your skin. Instead of drawing a super hot bath, try using extremely hot water for the first couple of inches to warm the tub. After that, turn it down to a pleasant, but not scalding level.
  • Rinse off in cool water after a hot bath. By doing a colder rinse, you can stop your body from sweating. Thus, you remain clean for longer.
  • Drop your bath bomb in before you step into the tub. Allowing your bomb a moment to release some of those beneficial emollients that soften your skin gives you a higher quality bath.
  • Don’t add bath salts until the end. To prevent magnesium overdose, add your bath salts in ten to fifteen minutes before you finish bathing. You’ll still get the benefits, but you won’t get too much.
  • You can always add bubbles. Although both bath bombs and bath salts provide the necessary cleaning action for your body, bubbles are fun. You don’t need them to get clean in a bomb or salt bath, but feel free to enjoy them.
  • Add oils as soon as you turn the water on. If you plan to include additional essential oils in your bath, put them in the initially hot water rather than waiting. Releasing the most aroma possible will give you the full benefit.
  • Keep a hand towel nearby. Oils from bath bombs can make your hands very slick. Keep a small hand towel nearby to wipe them before you grip anything so you can hold on.
  • Always use a textured tub mat. Bath bombs, scented bath salts, and even bubble bath all use oils for the aroma and skin-softening effects. Resultantly, your bathtub will be especially slippery after this type of bathing. If you don’t like the texture for sitting on as you soak, keep your tub mat nearby. Drop it in before you drain the tub so you won’t slip and hurt yourself.


Final Thoughts

There’s no reason to miss out on the benefits of bath bombs or Epsom salts when you can have both. There are brilliant DIY recipes for the crafty ladies and plenty of prefabricated options made by bath bomb experts as well. Whatever your style, get the fizzy aroma, soft skin, and salty detox in one luxurious soak.

Don’t deny yourself the benefits and enjoyment of a bath bomb or a bath salt. You should always add them separately to get the best results. Enjoy yourself and play with combining scents. Mix things up to find what works best for you.

If you’re using aromatherapy salts and bath bombs, make sure they’re complimentary. Adding two or more scents together can elevate your bath to a whole new level.


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