The Best Supplements for a 50-Year-Old Man (5 to Stay Fit at Fifty)

Best Supplements for a 50-Year-Old Man (5 Fit for Fifty)

You may think carefully about what you eat, make an effort to exercise as much as possible, and work to reduce the stress of everyday life—but the clock catches up to you eventually. Things start slowing down and functioning at a different level due to the natural aging process. Is it time yet to consider the best supplements for a 50-year-old man?

The changes may be incremental, gradual, and as noticeable as a decreased appetite, sex drive, and physical prowess. Perhaps biochemically your metabolism begins to slow, your sleep cycle changes to fewer restful hours, and your body changes along with it. Naturally you will lose energy and vitality, but there are precautions you can take to delay aging and boost youthfulness.

The simple fact is, you are not a young man anymore, and without supplements to your diet you may find yourself eating healthy and exercising regularly in vain. Supplements to your diet of key nutrients such as magnesium, fish oil, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and CoQ10 can help you put up a biological defense against premature aging.

Nutritional supplements have boomed into impressive popularity and become essential in many diets. Supplements can do amazing things thanks to the science and technology growing around them. While filling deficits in a man’s diet, they can support his immune system, boost energy, promote well-being, encourage healthy sex, and maintain a healthy heart and lungs.

The supplements on this list are chosen for their benefit to 50-year-old men who want the energy of themselves at half the age.

Top 5 Best Supplements for a 50-Year-Old Man

1. Zhou’s Magnesium Glycinate

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For over 300 interactions and processes in a man’s body, magnesium is a critical ally. From blood pressure to metabolism, magnesium is a regulator and helper. The usual source of magnesium is from nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, but a supplement insures that you are getting your magnesium needs met.

The chosen magnesium supplement by Zhou is one of highest dosages available over the counter, and it was formulated to be gentle on your stomach while boasting an advanced absorption rate. They want you to get all you can from every gram. Acting as a muscle relaxer and recovery treatment, you will find muscle tightness and tension dissipate as the magnesium glycinate quickly penetrates your cells. Over extended use, this supplement will also help return some of the sleep you lose as you age.

2. Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength

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Fish oil is derived from fatty fish like salmon and mackerel. The complex omega-3 fatty acids that are produced, DHA and EPA, have been positively linked with heart health and cardiovascular fitness. Recommended dosage varies, but since few people eat a steady diet of fatty fish, most should consider a supplement that guarantees purity and effectiveness.

Offering 3 times the potency of competing brands, the 2,000 milligram fish oil by Dr. Tobias is positioned to give a real boost to your heart, brain, and mood while adding youthfulness to your skin and hair. With no fishy aftertaste, this fish oil’s casing promotes an increased rate of absorption while neutralizing “fish burps.” Using molecular distillation, Dr. Tobias’ oil has a certified purity free of heavy metals and other toxins.

3. Mauricette’s Vitamin B12 mcg Supplement

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No matter how healthy and carefully you eat, your body will naturally lose its ability to absorb nutrients as you age. Essential in energy production and mood regulation, vitamin B12 is one of the nutrients that your body will struggle to absorb. Taking a supplement can increase the amount of vitamin B12 for your body’s slowed absorption rate.

Fighting fatigue and boosting your energy, this vitamin B12 supplement by Mauricette can help return some of the energy and stress-tolerance that have slipped away over the years. Needed in the production of your actual DNA, this vitamin B12 supplement will become key to hundreds of functions in your body. Completely formulated in the United States, this 500-mcg supplement promises that no additives or fillers are used, unlike many competing brands.

4. Garden of Life Raw D3 Supplement

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You may think you are getting enough sunshine by exercising regularly outdoors. In reality, the effects of vitamin D on the body are so broad and numerous that you will want to make sure your aging body has plenty of it. Remember that your absorption of nutrients has slowed and misses out on low exposure.

Promoting a better memory and ability to concentrate, this raw D supplement contains nearly 3 times the recommended level for maximum nutrient absorption. Alongside bone, joint, colon, memory, and prostate support, Garden of Life has created a D3 supplement complete with probiotics and enzymes for easier digestion. Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and Dairy-free, it is completely food-created and safe to ingest since it comes only from natural sources.

5. CoQ10 by Estora Health

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Your natural production of CoQ10—needed for your cells to create energy—steadily declines as you age. A popular supplement for men and women, CoQ10 offers more energy for your organs and natural bodily functions. It is important and helpful for rejuvenating every cell in your body and encouraging your heart to pump at its best.

Specifically slowing the effects of aging and supporting heart and lung health, this CoQ10 supplement is an essential addition to any man’s diet. Naturally giving you your energy back throughout the day, this Estora Health formula is sourced from organic plants and vegetables like rice, carrots, and algae. That means this supplement contains no fillers and additives as independent testing and certification verifies.

Final Thoughts

These five supplements make a youth-enhancing addition to your exercise and dieting efforts, keeping you more alert and able throughout the day. You no longer have to miss sleep, lose energy, or worry about low nutrient levels with these key supplements. You will find you can improve your mood, sex drive, and vitality through the natural, no-filler selections on this list.

In your fight against incremental, age-related changes to your body and mind—magnesium, fish oil, B12, D, and CoQ10 can be great friends. You may not be getting any younger, but you can defend yourself against low nutrient absorption and its related effects on your skin, mood, memory, and organ function. Try one of these supplements to benefit from the naturally-derived ingredients on this list.





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