What is The Best Side to Sleep on for Upset Stomach Issues?

what side should you sleep on when nauseous
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If you are human, you have probably experienced an upset stomach. That incredibly annoying heartburn that does not go away. If you are trying to sleep on an upset stomach, you know you just cannot. The sensation just does not allow your body to fall asleep.

In this article, we are going to put an end to the debate and give you an ultimate answer on the best side to sleep on for an upset stomach.

The answer was found thousands of years ago in the East, more specifically in India. Western science also got to the same conclusion recently. The thing is that there is not just one possible explanation. There is an array of possible reasons that explain why the best side is the best side to sleep.

Now, you are not here for this. All you want is to know what position you should lay down, so you can finally log in the necessary hours of sleep.
If all you want is to be able to sleep better, below is your definitive answer.

Why Not the Right Side

Sleeping on your right side relaxes your lower esophageal sphincter. The problem is that it increases the amount of time that you have reflux of your stomach acid. That alone worsens your upset stomach, preventing from having a good sleeping night.
So, sleeping on the “wrong” side not only does not help but it also affects negatively your night of sleep. This information alone can improve your nights every time you have an upset stomach.
Just by laying down with your belly up will already make a difference. Obviously, it is not the perfect solution, but it is a small tip that alone would help you.

What is the Best Side to Sleep on for Upset Stomach issues? The Left!

Now, the simple answer is that sleeping on your left side is the best side to sleep on for an upset stomach. Not only that but research shows that it is the best side to sleep on period.
Sleeping on the left side is the right side to sleep on. Pun intended. There are few anatomical and physiological explanations.

Improved Digestion

Okay, the first explanation for this phenomenon is that when you sleep on your left side, you make your stomach more comfortable since it is located there. That in turn, improves the time and the quality of your digestive process.
Another reason is that sleeping on your left side also helps the pancreas to produces its enzymes that will also be part of the process to digest the food.
If those two reasons were not already enough, sleeping on your left side will also help your intestine to move food waste more easily. Again, helping your digestion.
So, if you ever find trouble sleeping because you ate too late or whatever problems you are having with your digestion, you now know that you are supposed to sleep on your left side to help your body take care of the rest.

It is Great for the Lymphatic System

This one is very important. Not only eastern knowledge but also western medicine found that sleeping on your left side will improve the functioning of your lymphatic system.
This simple action will make your body filter your lymphatic fluids and waste better through the lymph nodes. This means that you are not only going to improve your sleep but also the rest of the time you are awake.
Two more important points regarding the lymphatic system are that sleeping on your left side will help your body get rid of waste from the brain. Also sleeping on your right side decreases the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

Reduce Heartburns

The number one cause for an upset stomach is a heartburn. The most practical way to get rid of one is to sleep on your left side. it can really solve your problem for good.
The heartburn is caused by the reflux of the stomach acid. Sleeping on your left side relaxes the stomach and helps to control the acid to normal levels.
Like with the lymphatic system, sleeping on your right side also aggravates your heartburn. So, if you find yourself with a heartburn after a meal, consider lying down for ten minutes to improve your condition.

Pregnant women

Now, upset stomachs are one of the most common ailments to pregnant women. Reflux of the stomach acid increases during pregnancy.
Not only that but also sleeping on your left side while pregnant will help you keep the uterus from squeezing the liver, reduces the pressure on your back, and increases blood flow to important organs and the fetus.
So, for many different reasons, sleeping on your left side while pregnant is not only recommended but also helps to improve your sleep.

Final thoughts:

Now, it is more than clear that sleeping on your left side is the true answer for those wondering what is the best side to sleep on for upset stomach issues. No matter what your problem is. Nausea, heartburn, digestion or anything else. Sleeping on your left side will help the whole function of your stomach, which in turn will help you sleep.
Also, consider changing your mattress and pillows to make sure that the problem is not somewhere else. Make the change and sleep on your left side, so you can get to sleep, faster.

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