The Best Purses for Traveling Abroad (5 Bag Choices to Travel in Stylish, Safety)

Have dreams of leaving behind the hum drum of the boring work, come home, wait-for-the-weekend cycle behind? Tired of visiting the same spots over and over, with nothing novel and exciting to break up the monotony? It may be time to blow the dust off your passport!

Considering you have one, that is. It turns out a startlingly low amount of Americans have passports compared to people in the United Kingdom, who have a whopping 75% of citizens with passports on average.

These statistics are slightly harrowing when you consider the multitude of positive effects traveling has on one’s mental health.

So if your traveling boots are a little rusty, you should take the time prepare so any destination vacations go off without a hitch, including researching the best purses for traveling abroad!

You may overlook the importance of a purse, so we cannot overstate how essential your bag is. Depending on how far your destination is, how long you will be there, and what activities you are planning, your bag can range from Mary Poppins-level-roomy to small, compact and discreet.

The Benefits of Travel

If you are on the fence about traveling abroad, your worries are valid. First of all, the United States is not very lax on work vacations compared to the rest of the world.

While other countries, like New Zealand and the United Kingdom, encourage taking gap years and extended trips, the USA is known for its often unhealthy concentration on work.

In fact, the United States is the only “first-world” country that does not require paid vacation time from all employers. Even when given vacation time, Americans often let them go to waste!

Our culture of working hard and staying at home, where we have a lot of natural beauty and variety, keeps many of us from even thinking of going abroad.

A lack of international travel also narrows one’s worldview. Many Americans are ignorant of travel and other country’s culture, instead choosing to believe that other cultures have worse health systems, food, and tourism simply because they do not have enough information or a lack of interest in finding out more.

Traveling abroad has an incredible effect on our mental health. Travelling can increase creativity, elevate your daily mood, provide long-term stress relief, and even alter your personality—for the better!

Experiencing other cultures can open your eyes to truths you would never have encountered otherwise, making you more open-minded, adventurous, and ambitious.

But before any transformation can take place, we have to go back to basics and make sure traveling does not turn sour from any 100% preventable mishaps.

Best Purses for Traveling Abroad:

1. Fossil Morgan Traveler

When only 30% of Americans own passports, you may be one of the many who has never put in much thought to what bag is best suited for traversing new destinations.

That’s why the Fossil Morgan Traveler purse is specially designed to help you take your mind off any potential hitches in your plans, with ample pockets, compartments, and a crossbody design.

When traveling, you may think any old bag can do the trick, but a crossbody design might be in your best interest when thieves are prowling, looking for vulnerable tourists to stop paying attention so they can lift valuables from insecure shoulder bags or handbags.

This Fossil bag is a great jack-of-all-trades choice for newbie travelers who may not want to go utilitarian with their bag choice, yet also not walk around a busy city with a huge bag.

2. Pacsafe Bags

Want to step up your travel bag game with extra safety procedures? Pacsafe has a whole line of bags of varying sizes that promises extra-secure travel.

Pacsafe bags come with a lightweight metal mesh inside straps to prevent “slash-and-runs”, or robbery attempts where thieves cut off bags and run off with the contents! Yes—it has happened before, and many thieves will take advantage if your bag is not securely against your body and even hidden from view.

Pacsafe CitySafe bag comes with RFID blocking material as well. RFID blocking refers to the thwarting of high-tech criminals’ attempts to lift electronic credit card, social security, or even passport information from the contents of your wallet. While the jury is still out on whether or not RFID blocking is necessary, when in a foreign city, you may want to be better safe than sorry.

3. UTO

Still itching for the convenience of a shoulder bag for your travels? UTO provides a choice that is both comfortable and safe!

You can switch a UTO bag from a shoulder bag to a backpack bag depending on your needs. It has ample room for anything you might need, like maps, water bottles, wallets, cameras, and your phone with a whopping ten pockets in addition to its main compartment.

4. Baggalini Everywhere

[amazon_link asins=’B00L15TWG6′ template=’photo-only’ store=’purelifegal-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fc46d005-9533-11e8-b53c-e53f84985130′]

If your destination involves a stormy weather forecast, have no fear. Baggalini’s travel bags are water-resistant and durable on top of being safe and ample. It even has special pockets for a water bottle and umbrella, and an RFID blocking wallet you can pull out of the middle of the bag!

5. Healthy Back Bag

Travelers trying to avoid back problems and discomfort need to look no further than the Healthy Back Bag. With a unique teardrop shape, this bag distributes weight equally and effectively.

On top of providing plenty of space, this bag’s zipper is tucked clandestinely against your back instead of having an outer pocket. No sneaky zipper thieves here!


Final Thoughts

Do not let worries and uncertainty stop you from exploring the world! No matter your circumstances, you can find a way to see other cultures, be it staying in hostels, doing a foreign exchange program, or have a look out for incredible deals. With the right attitude and the right purse for traveling abroad, you can take on anything!

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