The 10 Best Jobs That Don’t Drug Test (Jobs That Can Help)

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This may sound like a bizarre one, but you would be surprised by how many people have searched the following question: are there are jobs that do not drug test?

Well, much to your surprise, there are an array of jobs in a range of job sectors that do not drug test their employees. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best jobs that don’t drug test.

Before we begin with our extensive list of jobs that do not require a drug test, let’s take a look at why some companies and job sectors DO drug test their employees.

Why Do Some Jobs Use Drug Tests?

One of the main reasons as to why some companies do drug testing is to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees. Local, state, and federal laws permit employers to implement drug testing in their workplace.

Whether an employer decides to drug test future employees or their current employees, they are well within their rights to do so, and they are even able to do this randomly.

Below we have outlined some detailed reasons as to why some companies and/or businesses choose to conduct drug tests in the workplace:

  • Safety- Organizations that require their employees to work with heavy machinery, drive, or set an example to the public (i.e. the army, the police, the fire service) need to ensure that safety standards are met.
  • Regulations- Some federal and state regulations require employers to drug test their employees. Agencies such as the Department of Transportation require all employees to undertake a drug test if they have a job role within any form of transportation.
  • Prevention- Other companies use drug tests as a way of avoiding people who use illegal drugs.
  • Public Relations- Some organizations use drug testing as a way of showing integrity to the public.

Why Do Some Businesses Choose Not to Drug Test?

Okay, so turning the last discussion on its head, now let’s take a look at why some businesses choose not to have drug tests.

Some companies think that drug testing causes many disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why this might be:

  • The cost of conducting a drugs test is quite high. Statistically, it has been proven that employees who test positively for drugs tend to be quite low. So, it can be considered a waste of money.
  • Trust goes a long way between a company and its employees. If an employee feels as though they are not being trusted, what does this say about the relationship between themselves and their employers?
  • Concerns about employee privacy is another concern.

As you can see, the above list is just a few reasons as to why some businesses choose not to take a drug test.

Companies That Do Not Use Drug Testing

There are a few companies that are completely against drug testing. Whatever there reasons, they choose not to use drug testing in their employment (prior to joining or whilst working there).

Below we have outlined a few major companies that might surprise you with regards to not drug testing:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • Gap
  • Apple
  • Whole Foods Market

The above list is not an extensive list, and therefore should be used as a guideline. There are lots of other companies that do not require their employees to agree to a drugs test.

Now that we have had a look at some of the companies that do not require a drug test, let’s now take a look at some of the main job roles that do not often use drug testing.

The 10 Best Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

  • Restaurant Manager

This is a very busy job and therefore does not leave much room for random drug testing.

This job role is renowned for its outstanding customer service, attention to detail, planning, and organizing.

  • Accountant

Although some accountancy firms will require you to take a drugs test, becoming your own boss as an account means that you can steer clear from drug tests.

  • Chef

This is another high-end job that requires a lot of concentration. It is fast-paced and restaurants tend not to be worried about drug testing their employees. If a chef was intoxicated, chances are, this would show up in their work.

  • Event Planner

Another job role that does not often require drug testing is an events planner. What you do in your spare time is of no one’s concern. Of course, you want to ensure professionalism at all times, and thus event planning is a job where, if you were taking drugs, someone is bound to notice!

  • Web Designer

Web designers is another job role where drug testing is not often conducted. Web designers are far more interested in attaining the correct skills in order to create a fabulous website.

  • Photographer

Again, you can become self-employed as a photographer, meaning no one is going to be keeping an eye on what you do outside of work.

  • Journalist

This is considered to be another professional job role. Whilst come major companies still screen their employees with random drug testing, there are quite a few media companies that have now ditched the drug test process.

  • Writer

Similar to the above point, writer’s are generally self-employed and therefore are not subject to random drug testing. However, many well-established writing industries still do use drug tests.

  • Real Estates

Most real estate contractors are self-employed, so this is another great way to avoid random drug testing.

  •  Personal Fitness Trainers

If you become a fitness trainer outside of a well-established gym, then you can be your own boss. Thus, this means that no one will be paying to conduct a drugs test on you (unless you randomly give yourself a drugs test).

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has provided you with an extensive list of the types of jobs that you should be looking for if you wish to avoid drug testing.

Whilst we cannot guarantee this list to be 100% the case, there are lots of jobs that do not require you to undertake a drug test. We recommend that you if you want to stay away from drug testing jobs, then you should definitely be avoiding jobs in the public sector such as the police, army, and the fire service.

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