The 5 Best Essential Oils for Mosquito Repellent (Making Mosquitos Bite the Dust)

Ouch! It is hard to think of a pesky problem that does more to make you itch and squirm, than a fresh mosquito bite on a summer evening.  You might want to coat yourself in some repellent, but it has some serious dangers if inhaled or used long term.  Of course, there are other more natural options.

For those who want a wholesome and natural alternative to DEET, this post contains a top list of the best essential oils for mosquito repellent. You will find that each oil and blend on this list has unique properties, giving them the power to cleanse the air, your home, your mood, and more!

Essential Oils

Essential oils have proven their worth through cosmetic, emotional, and physical wellness benefits for thousands of years. They are created through special processes like cold-pressing and steam distilling that give these botanicals added power and purity.

While essential oils are best known for aromatherapy and diffusion, they can also be used to relieve pain, enhance well-being, and, of course, repel insects by applying them directly to your skin. In addition, some of the oils we list below can cleanse surfaces as well as household cleaners and freshen the air better than chemically-made air fresheners.

The best thing about essential oils is that they are completely botanical and naturally-occurring. That means you never have to worry about lab-created chemicals or environment-polluting additives.

Essential oils are the smart, sustainable choice from the conscious consumer. Using them for their natural cleansing and repelling properties sends an eco-friendly message to your friends and family.

The 5 Best Essential Oils for Mosquito Repellent:

1. UpNature The Best Citronella Essential Oil

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Only natural ingredients are used by UpNature’s Best Citronella Essential Oil which repels mosquitos—and other biting bugs—on contact. The active ingredient, Citronella, reduces inflammation, fights infection, and naturally relaxes your entire body. Not just a mosquito repellent, this essential oil can even fight stress and improve sleep.

UpNature is easy-to-use and goes a long way. Simply mix with water, spray, and feel a natural relaxation and bug-fighting power work instantly. You will even enjoy the scent which is often a favorite as a room spray and organic perfume.

No DEET-based product can boast a delicious smell as well as being effective against bugs.

2. Skedattle Natural Insect Repellent

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This lab-tested blend of citronella, lemongrass, peppermint, and vanillin is 16 times as effective as harsh DEET-based mosquito repellents. Skedattle’s blend of essential oils gently protects you, your kids, and even pets from mosquitos, ticks, fleas, and other pests.

Its all-natural formula smells fresher and more pleasant than chemical alternatives because of the added vanillin. Any customer that values a cruelty-free, eco-friendly and biodegradable product will choose Skedattle which comes in a ready-to-go spray bottle.

There is no need to dilute or prepare this winning essential oil blend. The creators have made a product that is as easy to use as harsh chemical brands but packed with added benefits.

3. Bugs BeGone Synergy (Natural Insect Repellent)

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Six therapeutic-grade oils compose Bugs BeGone Synergy blend which repels mosquitos, ants, flees, ticks, and more. Each one sweetens the air and provides long-lasting, DEET-free protection. Use no more smelly, DEET-based brands that repel humans as well as mosquitos!

Bugs BeGone is right for any occasion. You can safely add it to a group campfire, sprinkle a few drops on a candle, or even blend it into an unscented lotion for convenient carrying.

You will love how this product adds sweetness to your summer get-together and keeps all manner of bugs at bay.

4. Fab Naturals’ Lemongrass Essential Oil

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Naturally repel mosquitos, ants, flies, and more with Fab Naturals’ 100% pure essential oil. Produced through a special distilling process, this therapy-grade oil has no toxic chemicals or diluting additives. It is completely safe for the environment as well as your skin.

Using this high-quality, concentrated blend, you can fight pests as well as reduce stress, pain, and irritability. Simply add it to a diffuser or humidifier, and enjoy a sweet, clean, and deodorizing lemon scent.

As a sweet mist, you will find this oil is as effective as some ecologically-harmful air fresheners.

5. KMK Mercantile’s Peppermint Essential Oil

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This pure and undiluted peppermint oil repels pests like mosquitos and comes in generous 4 oz. bottle. The properties of this 100% high-quality oil include the ability to relieve joint and muscle pain while acting as a natural mood enhancer.

When added to your cleaning regimen, KMK Mercantile’s Peppermint Essential Oil is also a great health-conscious alternative to chemical cleaners. It organically prevents germs and viruses from spreading on surfaces.

It not only smells much better than bleach or ammonia, it also contains none of the health risks that those harsh chemicals bring into your home.

Final Thoughts

Do not compromise your health and comfort by using a DEET-based mosquito repellent. One of these natural essential oils or lab-tested blends can add sweet freshness to your evening while protecting you from troublesome pests.

The use of the typical repellent is often seasonal. These top 5 essential oils can relieve pain, reduce stress, and cleanse the air all year round. While you are riding your backyard of biting bugs, you can take care of headaches, muscle pain, joint stiffness, and tension with an all-in-one solution to mosquitos and common ailments.

Invest in one of these simple, organic, versatile solutions today!

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