Check Out The 5 Best Essential Oils for Head Cold (Relax and Cool Off)

Head colds are a very annoying thing. Even though it is considered a mild-illness, it still gets in the way of your day. The worst thing is to have to waste a work day or even a day off because of such a small, yet annoying issue.

So, the best you can do besides prevention is to use certain methods that will help your body heal faster and feel better. That is when essential oils are helpful.

They are great for many things such as moisturizing the skin, getting rid of sunburns and skin discoloration, fortifying hair and nails, and internal functions of your body. They are most importantly great at healing head colds.

So, if you are tired of feeling tired not being able to breathe properly and sneezing all the time, essential oils can do wonders for you.

In this article, we prepared a special selection of the best essential oils for a head cold. They have specific healing properties that will help you get better faster.

The main criteria here is the oils that have proven healing properties for head colds, improvement of the immune system, and relieve of the respiratory system.

Any of the below selections are great choices if all you want is to get better faster and never have to deal with head colds for too long.

They have different methods of application. Some you put in your diffuser. Others you are supposed to rub in your chest and back. You can also prepare relaxing baths or use them with other oils for massages.

The great thing is that now you have access to something 100% natural, and not something synthetic that has side effects.

1. Rocky Mountain Oils – Immune Strength

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The Rocky Mountain oil is perfect to be used with diffusers. Its medicinal aroma has healing properties that will strengthen your immune system, helping your body combat the cold.

Blending spicy overtones with citrus, which has a rich herbal undertone, this oil is one of the best to be used against head colds and flu. It acts helping the immune, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory, circulatory, and adrenal systems to fight these ailments.

The clove bud, cinnamon bark, ginger root, eucalyptus, orange, lemon, oregano, mandarin, thyme, nutmeg, citriodora, and rosemary are all ingredients that have properties to help with sinus congestion, relief of muscle pain, and reinvigoration of the body’s energy.

2. Rosemary Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

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Rosemary has been a favorite among yesterday’s herbologists and for good reason. Rosemary oil has been used for many different remedies from promoting hair growth to curing head colds.

This essential oil can be used topically or inhaled, making it perfect for an on the go remedy or a relaxing treatment. This particular oil is also a very good stimulant for growing or enforcing your hair. This makes this item perfect for anyone looking for an effective multiuse essential oil.

3. Peppermint Lavender Essential Oil Spray 

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Peppermint is great to unclog your sinuses and clear your airways. All you have to do is mix no more than a few drops with almond oil and rub it on your chest to alleviate the symptoms.

Peppermint is also excellent to use in a hot bath to help your body relax and recover fast. Just use a few drops to have a relaxing, healing bath. You can also mix it with your other favorite oils to create the ultimate relaxing bath.

The peppermint oil is also widely used with diffusers to spread its fresh microparticles, making the air not only fresher but also great for your respiratory system.

4. Sky Organics Peppermint Lavender Essential Oil

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This Sky Organics is a great mix of peppermint and lavender. This is a powerful combination to treat and relieve the symptoms of a head cold.

The peppermint, as already discussed, has healing properties that will treat the head cold. The Lavender oil will help you relax and finally get some sleep.

The fact that this comes as a spray with a pillow is even better. This is the perfect thing to have when your body is begging for rest and all you want is some relief of the symptoms. Just apply a little bit of the spray and wait to see the results.

5. Natural Hue Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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The Natural Hue Eucalyptus Essential oil is great for head colds and the flu. The eucalyptus oil is, perhaps, the best when it comes to head colds. The plant’s properties help the immune system get rid of viruses and the symptoms of the ailments.

The best way to use it is with a diffuser and rubbing it on your skin. Of course, there are other ways to use essential oil but those are the best if you want to treat a head cold. Do this treatment religiously every day while the symptoms persist to make sure you make a full recovery.

It is common to treat a head cold only up to the moment that the first symptoms vanish. This is why some people keep having a head cold for longer than normal. So, make sure you use the oils until you feel your body is well again.

Final thoughts:

These are the best essential oils for a head cold. With this selection, you will never need to wait for days to recover from head colds.

You can use them with diffusers, on your skin, or in your baths. Just remember that essential oils are very potent, so use just a few drops.

Also remember to get your products from trusted sources, so you know that you are getting an all-natural product that will really help you with your problem and not create a placebo.

Now share this article on all your social media accounts and leave a comment about your great experience with essential oils.

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