The Best Essential Oils for Cough and Cold (5 Refreshing Choices)

Whether it was drowsiness, headache, blurred vision, upset stomach, nausea, constipation or dry mouth/throat which resulted from cold and cough, that made your day one to forget or even a couple of days, you know by now how unmotivated a stuffy nose and itchy palate can make you feel. But what you might not know is that there are many ways to help cure yourself of a cold. Such as the 5 of the best essential oils for cough and cold issues.

If you have ever soldiered through these, you already know why it is one of the most common cause for missed school or work. No matter how unserious it might seem, it has the tendency to impact your day-day life.

Even if you called in sick or head to work or school anyway, you are likely to notice a decrease in your productivity – but that does not mean this has to make you miserable. This is why you need to be familiar with the best essential oil to get you back to optimal productivity.

A Cough and Cold

Cold is medically referred to as a viral upper respiratory tract infection. Although a cough is an involuntary/reflex action to clear your airways of mucus and irritants which might have found their way into your airways. Such irritants include dust and smoke.

The virus which causes cold is spread by hand contact with secretions from an infected person (direct or indirect) or aerosol of the secretions and virus.

A cough, on the other hand, is caused smoking, asthma, medicines, damage to the vocal cords, postnasal drip, pulmonary embolism, bacterial infections such as pneumonia, whooping cough, and croup. Sometimes a cough is just an after effect of cold.

The discomfort caused sometimes in unbearable, asides from making you unproductive, it just makes that job that gives you joy unenjoyable! A cough can be acute, subacute, persistent or a chronic one depending on the duration.

Why wallow away in this uneasiness and feeling of uselessness, when we have a selection of essential oils which have been referred to by some as “the ultimate solution.”

5 Best Essential Oils for Cough and Cold

1. Living Pure Essential Oils

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Respire, one of Living Pure’s most popular oils has been regarded as the best respiratory oil on the market today. Living Pure Essential oils stand as the best remedy for you if you are the type that is careful about what you put in your body.

There are no harmful side effects, get yourself a Living Pure Essential Oil NOW!

I am so pleased with this oil! I was so tired of taking medicine to help with my breathing problems. I was always so congested, both in my sinuses and in my throat and chest.

I put this oil in my diffuser and within a minutes, the congestion started breaking up. After a few hours, I could breathe easily. After a couple of days, I no longer needed any medicine to help me breathe. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle! I have already repurchased this & will continue to do so.

2. Prime Natural; Breathe Essential Oil

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Breathe Blend stands as an effective option for you to help respiratory function by soothing airways and promoting clear breathing. This, it can achieve as it is built to fight back against the gems and allergies.

The comforting, spicy and warm scent accompanied by the combative ability of this product will ease inflammation and irritation that causes swelling and block the airways. Breathe Essential Oil offers faster recovery from a cough and cold.

I’ve always had problems when it comes to breathing at night. My nasal passages just seem to swell and close up. Several months back a friend suggested I try Doterra EO Breathe in a diffuser. I did and I immediately fell in love because my airways were now open at night.

3. Svasthya Body & Mind; Eucalyptus Vapor Rub with Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oil

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The reduced number of natural ingredients used in manufacturing this product makes it safe to use as often as needed. Eucalyptus vapor rub with lavender and rosemary essential oil revitalizes your spirit and awaken your senses.

As someone with a house full of people suffering from allergies and sinus issues, I am so happy to have found this remedy.

The fact that it’s all natural makes me feel comfortable using it on my kids that tend to get rashes from harsh products. Mildly scented but totally effective and you get a good size tin for the price. Will be buying again.

4. Cure Oils; Clear Respiratory Essential Oil for Inhalation Problems

The feeling of infusion of relief that this product causes to the lungs by reducing the concentration of mucus that causes you to feel stuffed up and uncomfortable is second to no product.

It contains fine ingredients and it brings relief without the drowsiness associated with drugs in the daytime, by easing your symptoms and reducing coughs. This product is highly valued because of its combative ability in fighting infections.

Diagnosis with COPD, I search for a natural product, the Clear oil came up, I read the reviews, so I ordered. First time I used it I felt the difference in my breathing. Satisfied.

5. Prime Natural; Immunity Essential Oil

Prime Natural stuns the market with another super-efficient product, immunity essential oil comes with a strong antiviral, antibacterial ability. It is very effective against airborne bacteria and it offers a special treatment for people with sensitive skins as they can dilute this product with a carrier oil.

This is a great product. This time we bought it for our daughter’s boyfriend who had a terrible sore throat. It started working for him after the first time gargling with it.

Final Thoughts

Having a cold is never fun and the faster you can get it over with the better off you will be. These diffusers will definitely help you along your recovery and ensure you will be smelling great while doing it.

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